Peugeot E2008: cheaper alternative Tesla Model X?


The electric version of the Peugeot 2008 will not be visually different from the internal combustion engine version, but will offer a good alternative for those who consider the Tesla Model X expensive.

After a successful first generation Peugeot second generation 2008 crossover has become more stylish. Regardless of the engine type, in 2020, the Peugeot 2008 is more modern with a more pronounced front cover, restoring the lighting which is the same as the model 208, front LED gauge hook. The new 2008 is also slightly larger with a longer wheelbase of 14 cm.

Larger sizes mean a little more space for people and things inside. There are more legs in the back and the boot is 434 liters, which is a bit longer than before.

Many things are taken from the Peugeot 208 that is working well. There are two monitors available – behind the steering wheel and dashboard. Physical buttons that control various functions depending on the level of finish are still available. As for these, the new 2008 will be available in four variations: Active, Allure, GT Line and GT. All versions are available with petrol or diesel engines except, of course, the all-electric e-2008, which will only be available on the GT line.

Supports the state aid initiative for the purchase of electric cars.

The Peugeot 2008 electric is visually the same as its internal combustion counterpart with the same interior space. Instead of the fuel tank and engine, you will find an electric motor with a power of 101 kW and a torque of 260 Nm. The energy is stored in a modest 50 kWh battery that will give 310 km (WLTP) of great autonomy. The charging time varies depending on the load source, but the 100 kW station can charge the e-2008 up to 80 percent in 30 minutes, but currently 50 kW stations available in Latvia will do the same in 1 hour.

The e-2008 is available with many help and safety systems, including Drive Assist, which combines adaptive cruise control and assist in track start with steering wheel correction. Other driving aids include blind spots, automatic emergency braking and the operation of automatic lights.

The price of e-2008 (and also petrol / diesel versions) will be announced later. Judging by the current price ratio between 208 and 2008 with similar capacity and knowing that e208 costs € 30,450 (Germany), it can be concluded that the e2008 price will be around € 35,000 As batteries, motor, lighting and front panel will be identical. Only the look will be different. At such a price, or even if it is close to € 40,000, which seems more likely, it would be difficult to deny that Peugoet's supply of electric crossings would be very tempting.

Peugeot e2008
Peugeot e2008
  • Price – € 35,000 – € 40,000
  • Autonomy – 310 km (WLTP)
  • Battery size – 50 kWh
  • Slow Load Maximum Power – 11 kW (68 km / h)
  • Maximum Power of Fast Charge – 100 kW (620 km / h)
  • Price / duration – 112 – 129 € / km
  • Price / kWh – 511 – 800 € / kWh
  • Autonomy / kWh – 6,4 km / kWh (15,6 kWh / 100 km)

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