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Owl: Local governments dissatisfied with county reform are likely to contest it in the Constitutional Court

County reform has gone through the government, now it has to go through the Saeima and probably also the Constitutional Court. The government supported a reform plan to reduce the number of municipalities from 119 to 39. That number can still be adjusted in discussions in Saeima.

Before adopting county reform, ministers had to listen to the opinions of their opponents. Guntis Gladkins, head of Rujiena municipality, compared the reform to an unstoppable tank that continues its pace, although thousands of residents of the municipality have signed a demand not to add the municipalities of Rujiena and Naukšēni to the nascent Valka municipality but to Valmiera. .

“The results of studies commissioned by the Ministry are negative. Local government decisions – negative! Over 3000 people have a negative attitude! Businessmen's opinion – negative, Saeima politicians' opinion – from different parties – negative! What else needs to be done? People are ready to participate in protests, business people resort to techniques that go further if you don't listen, "says Gladkin.

“This is an issue that needs to be addressed in Saeima. I analyzed SRS data, where and how people pay taxes and it is very clear that their move is to Valmiera. It's objective, ”says Prime Minister Krišjānis Kariņš (JV).

The conceptual opposition to the reform, which aims to reduce the number of municipalities, is also from the Association of Local Authorities. It is not at peace that the possibility of creating electoral districts or second-level municipalities has not been evaluated. Similarly, the principles of good governance set forth in Satversme and the Charter of Local Governments are being violated; therefore, part of local government decisions will be appealed to the Constitutional Court.

"It's not new," says Regional Affairs Minister Juris Puce (AP). He also emphasizes that the final decision on the reform process must be made by Saeima, who may introduce changes to the municipal map in terms of county boundaries as well as those of northern Vidzeme, as required by residents of Rujiena and other cities. Republicans.

Jelgava and Ventspils expressed their desire to maintain their municipality, however, unlike Rezekne, Daugavpils and Liepāja is not included in the government approved map today. Remember that the redesign of the border, creating 39 municipalities out of 119, should be completed next year. The reform is expected to come into effect with the forthcoming municipal elections in 2021.

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