Ostapenko and Sevastov want to enter the quarterly WTA tournament


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Latvia's women's tennis stars Alona Ostapenko and Anastasia Sevastova today beat the quarterfinals of the WTA tournaments.

The second racket of the country, Ostapenko, is today in the quarterfinals round of the Birmingham WTA Premier Series in the United Kingdom, around 16h00. 15 after Latvia's time, will be able to handle the Croatian Petru Martich, while the first number of the country will be in Sevastov. 17.30 The quarter finals of the Mallorca WTA International series, held in Spain, will meet with the Chinese Yafan Van.

Ostapenko is 37th in the WTA, and his opponent, Martich, is 25th on the planet.

It has been reported that Ostapenko won the first round of Birmingham in the first round 6-0, 6-2 on Monday, with only 18 years of the polyphonic Igu Svyatek (WTA 65), which had already won the tournament, and second with 6-3, 6-4 beat the British tennis player Johann Kontu, who is the 18th planet, and she was awarded the seventh number at her home in Birmingham.

For the quarterfinals, Ostapenko won 100 WTA points, and for the second time in a single tournament, she won two straight wins.

Meanwhile, the first round of Martich Birmingham, 6-3, 7-5, defeated Russian Yekaterin Alexandrov (WTA 50), and in the second match she won by 6-3, 7-6 (7: 4) with another Russian Margaret Gasparjan (WTA 62).

Ostapenko and Martich have met once so far – last year at Indianvels, two sets were superior to Croatian tennis.

The winner of this pair will meet Julian Guillest (WTA 8) or Kazakh tennis player Julius Putincev (WTA 43) in the semi-final of the Birmingham tournament.

Ostapenko played in Birmingham for the last time in 2016, when he reached the quarterfinals. This season she has won nine wins and suffered 15 losses.

Martyca won a WTA title during his career – in April of this year he managed to be the best of the international series in Istanbul. Previously, both finals had failed, including the first edition of Anastasia Sevastov in Bucharest in July 2018.

Shezezon Martich demonstrates his success by winning 20 wins in 28 matches and has won 17 victories since the beginning of April in 20 matches. Meanwhile, she reached the semifinals in Charleston and the quarterfinals in Madrid, and so far the Croatian Open Championship.

Latvia's second duel in a duet with Kazakhstan's tennis players Galina Voskoboyev has also reached the final two of this tournament, where he will find the second number of the Suveju Sje tournament in Taiwan and the Czech Barbora Strikov.

In the Birmingham tournament, six doubles trophies were won by Larissa Neilande.

Meanwhile, in Mallorca, Latvia's first racket, Sevastov, 12th placed in the tournament, and the fourth in the tournament, will meet a Chinese queen in the quarterfinals in the WTA ranking of 58th place.

In the first round of the Sevastov Mallorca WTA tournament, with a score of 6-3, 7-6 (7: 5), beat the American tennis players Varvar Lepchenko, who was 123rd in the standings and overcame the qualifiers in the second race, with his 6-2, 6s. -1, defeated by Al Tom Tomanovich of Australia, 47th planet.

Sevastov won 60 WTA points in the quarter-finals.

Vana defeated German Anna Lee Frinkam (WTA 358) in the first round of the tournament with 7-5, 6-3, while in the second match she played 7-6 (7: 3), 6-3 with Alice van Uytvank of Belgium (WTA). 57).

Sevastov and Van have not met until now.

In the semifinals, the winner of this pair will face the Belgian Elisa Mertens (WTA 21) or the American Sofia Kenin (WTA 30).

Sevastov has won 18 of 31 battles this season, while Vanha has 16 wins in 27 appearances this season. Before the tournament in Mallorca, the Chinese suffered seven consecutive defeats.

During her career, Vana won a title, and the only trophy was won in March this year, when she managed to triumph at WTA International. For its part, the WTA came in first, after exactly that victory, when it reached the 49th place.

For Sevastova, this is the first tournament after the French Open Championship, where she stopped in the fourth round or in the eighth final.

The Mallorca tournament is very successful for Latvian tennis players. In 2017, she became the champion of this competition, but in 2016 and last year she suffered a defeat in the final, giving the Frenchman Carolini GarcĂ­a and the German Tatyana Marija respectively. This year, 180 points in the WTA ranking should be defended in Sevastia.

Sevastov also played in this tournament in doubles, where with the 2016 Olympic champion Monik Pudz of Puerto Rico had to fail in the first round.


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