Ordinance on the Ascension of Usakov was prepared / day


The Local Government Law establishes that, if the President of the Municipal Council fails to comply with his statutory obligations, the Minister of Environmental Protection and Regional Development may, after receiving the explanation of the relevant council chairman, by reasoned order, suspend him from his functions.

Within 30 days after such decision, the President of the Municipal Council shall have the right to request the court to annul the minister's order. If the court order is annulled, the council chairman receives a salary for the period during which he was suspended from office.

Currently, Puce has not officially announced its decision, but the information available to LETA shows that the request has been prepared.

As reported, the MEPRD identified a number of possible violations of laws in the municipal CIS Traffic from Riga and the work of the City Council of Riga, for which Ushakov had to provide explanations.

One week was given to provide explanations and the deadline was March 28.

Usakov sent a letter of reply last week. He believes he refuted all the blatant reprimands expressed by the owl.

Usakov also expressed the view of journalists that PĂșce's request to provide explanations was legally weak and politicized.

Meanwhile, Puce said his public statements were not surprising.

MEPRD lawyers will finish this week to assess Ushakov's responses, Luke told LETA on Wednesday. The minister will then decide on the additional action against Ushakov.


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