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Optimist "The Optimist" – The Music

Last Thursday, with a small concert at the Spice Nations mall, the upcoming ninth solo album Optimists, by upbeat singer John Stübeck, was released.

Although the presentation of the album was organized on the first day of the apocalypse of transit, there was no shortage of interested people – Jānis Stībelis is fascinated. With this album, featuring a dozen new songs, the songs also came out Optimists video – the director, operator and author of the video is Maris Šēners.

In fact, John can count up to ten albums in his account – the first duo Shake and bake (there were still Raimonds Tiguls) in the ranks. «Funny as it was 20 years ago, in 1999, "the singer recalled. «So there was regularity – one album every two years. This album was three years old and it happened because I had no concept, I wanted to collect songs and write them slowly – to feel the time, to experience the life around and to include it in the songs. So this is not a concept album like the one before Two worlds, this is more like the title of Steve Vonder's album – Songs in the key of life. Of course, it's hard to cover all the areas that are in life because it's spotted, and the album is also erratic. "

It is true that the news of the release of a new album from Stele's camp took place almost all year – after the plan, it was supposed to see the light of day in the fall of 2018. «Yes, I really wanted to release this album last fall, but there are different things in life that affect these processes. I did not do it because … "the singer's voice goes away, then he picks up and starts counting again:" Daddy died at the beginning of last year. There are people who come easily, but we were very close, so I had an internship where I did not want anything at all. There was something … Goals have been defined, the album has to be released, something has to be done, think maybe we will succeed, wait and feel! But I hoped to get over it and somehow I managed to do it. Maybe it's because of that [albuma] name. »

If it's an album, then it's very good – it seems to be the best of Steve's career in John! Perceive easily pop with memorable and humorous melodies. Eight songs (of 12!), Which is a lot, were marked by the viewer as recommended on their block. For example, Life again, There are no others and Joanna – superb pieces that connect the unit immediately and immediately and should be evaluated with a plus sign in bold River, Flag, Optimists, Still dancing and Goodbye heart. Here's what we need in Stibel!

At the moment, John took all his composition dream team: Key Guru Raimonds Macats, Best Young Guitarist in Latvia Jānis Kalniņš, bassist The Cozy The Cozy in Latvia Oskars Sproģis, the nicest bishop in Latvia Iluta Alsberg, saxophonist Maris Jēkabsons and master of scouts Miķelis Vīte. He also has his own shadow sides, because these musicians are not always available. "We had fun with people lately, as you said, John still in 40 groups … But I'm trying to keep up with the colleagues I've had for years, even with the same Macatu. But sometimes they are not [uz koncertu]because, for example, Macata is caught by Raimonds Pauls, etc., so someone is looking, John. He does not have good friends and useful colleagues like Julian Zvirgzdins, Bass – Robert Race and so on. For the moment, solving this type of problem for Steamer is not a topic, since only a few festivals are scheduled for the summer (Summer sound, Silent Festival) as well as city festivals. "We're going to play the new part of the show – at least half of it. Of course, you will also have to play the old songs – without Milk flakes do not survive. However, the new program will be fully attended by listeners during the fall season. In fact, today I wanted to announce a show in October, but it would be too soon. Let's wait for summer and return to fall!

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