Next week, the weather will be hot in summer and thunder storms


From Monday to Thursday it is expected to be predominantly dry and sunny. Already earlier in the week the air temperature will reach +20 degrees, but at night many places will still be frozen.

The wind blows from the southeast and occasionally hurries. On Wednesday in Kurzeme and Zemgale, gusty wind speeds can reach 15 to 19 meters per second. In such circumstances there will be a particularly high fire risk.

The hottest day of the week will probably be Friday or Saturday, when only part of the air temperature on the coast will not reach +20 degrees, and in other parts of the country, it is expected to reach +26 degrees. In many places the rain will rain, the places will probably rain. At night, the air temperature in a large part of the country will remain above +10 degrees.

According to the current Global forecasting system forecast for next week will become much colder, the cold weather forecast in early May, the air temperature at night will fall somewhere below zero.


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