Newborn zoo is finally given a name


On Thursday, at the Riga zoo, a fraternization party was held in the pool of seals of a newborn Rhône. The children of Ventspils were commissioned to come up with the word because many seal pups are washed every year on the coast of Ventspils.

The response was enormous, and the children were very creative, using different techniques – drawn, cut and glued, as well as sewn. Many works have good wishes and reflections on stamps.

The children offered names like Ronny, Toby, Vingo, Riko, Morics, Roger and others.

The jury chose to name the Roman – Duke.

"Ronny does not know that life is going to change dramatically today – imagine that the animal lived without a word from January 21, if we currently have 13 clones at the zoo, then of course we have to start saying words – at least one is given today ". Director of the Riga Zoo Ingmārs Līdaka.

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This year 15 babies with gray seals and a ring were delivered to the zoo in Riga. Many of them are in different outfits for wounds, which could have been provided by non-chained dogs on the beach.

Unfortunately, five clowns, whose wounds were very deep and incurable, had to fall asleep.

Tourists are invited to look at their four-legged friends, but when they encounter climbing, do not approach, do not drink and do not touch hands.

Video: The solemn moment of the word


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