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New mobile application "ManaBite" developed


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Statistics company Statista data show that the most downloaded mobile application group last year was "mobile tools" – these applications are replacing the services that are usually available over the phone or in transit.

With the growth of mobile devices for daily use, as well as for the modernization and digitization of customer service, mobile operator Bite has developed a mobile application "ManaBite" with 100,000 euros.

The company explains today that many of the activities previously performed at customer service centers and beauty salons, such as the purchase of various products and services, the management of their accounts, etc., have been transferred to the digital environment.

In addition, to make people more comfortable, companies offer mobile applications that allow their accounts to be managed from a personal smartphone.

This is particularly the case with finance and technology, telecommunications, etc. companies in the industry, where such applications are gradually becoming a daily "hygiene" tool, since dealing with various daily problems remotely allows significant time savings.

For example, according to survey data from customer service development company "CTMA", only 5% of respondents, in the face of problems, want to call the company's customer service for help. That's why 95% try to solve the problem on their own.

But data from the Statistical company statistics show that about 205 billion mobile applications were downloaded worldwide last year, and the most downloaded application group was "mobile tools."

This group includes a variety of mobile applications that replace the classic services available on the phone or on the premises, such as taxi calls, food orders, hotel reservations, etc.

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Bite's marketing manager Diāna Šmite points out that in the digital age, technology is the driving force behind the development of customer service.

"The mobile application was a natural step in completing Bite's" smart solution "basket. It is a daily helper where the client can find the information he needs, as well as take the necessary actions quickly and easily. "

The application will save time on the service and make the customer service experience even more accessible and easy, says D.Smit.

The ManaBite mobile application will enable individuals and businesses to manage their accounts, track current mobile communications, including data consumption, and view and pay bills even with one click, connect and disable services wherever they are as well as receive special individual offers .

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The ManaBite mobile application is now available to customers using mobile devices running Android and iOS operating systems.

It can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play apps. It should be emphasized that "ManaBite" can be used on multiple devices at the same time, and a user can add multiple accounts and numbers – exactly as it is currently available in the self-service portal.

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