MoW, in cooperation with MEPRD, hopes to develop a program to improve the roads necessary for territorial administrative reform.


On the eve of territorial reform, city representatives and road builders are once again trying to draw attention to the dramatic condition of roads in many regions. Finally, the steps leading to the centers of future counties must be organized. The municipalities have also created a special interactive roadmap to be repaired so that all evils are visible.

Road builders and municipalities have been talking about the critical situation with roads in the regions for years. At present – administrative-territorial reforms are waiting – anxiety is trying to rebuild itself.

Municipalities and road builders sent a letter to several members of the government calling for the completion of the audit of local and regional roads and the creation of a single national road improvement program in the context of the next reform.

"Road infrastructure, if you want to build something, is one of the inseparable issues of any tied process – education or territory. People need to move, "says Gints Kaminski, president of the Union of Local and Regional Authorities.

An interactive road map, publicly available on the home page of the Association of Local and Regional Authorities and the Latvian Road Construction Company, was created to report on the stages of urgent repairs. Contact details of government representatives are also included.

"Then each person will be able to send to his beloved minister or prime minister his loving statement that he must travel these roads," says Andris Bērziņš, head of the association "Latvia Road Builder."

The interactive road map was created through the survey of municipalities in the most critical stages in their territories. Approximately 80 residents returned. There were 23 main sections of the country's main road, 1043 regional roads and 1125 local roads.

The local road section of the country connecting Dreiliņi with Acona station as a new critical interactive map was reported by Stopinu County, indicating that the road has not been rebuilt since its construction and part of the pavement is of concrete slabs still in Soviet times.

Road Traffic Minister Talis Linkaits (JKP) TV3 News reported that road audits were essentially completed. There is a clear picture of the roads and their condition.

"We hope that together with the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development we will be able to create a program to organize the sections of highways that are vital for the implementation of territorial reform," says Linkaits.

The minister did not mention the financial capacity of this program at the time. It depends on budget options.


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