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Not Top 100 l67% or 264,600 hectares of forests belonging to most of the forests belonging to foreign owners belong to foreigners, including the more Swedish 159,400 hectares.

Lursoft explored that beside Sodra The companies in the group, among the largest Latvian forestry owners, often appear as a company Isnaudas Forest Holding. Isnaudas Forest Holding business ownership Eastern Forest, Istalsn Forest, New forest and Silmala Forest forests of 15,390 hectares, including Eastern Forest – 9580 hectares of forest.

Lursoft investigated that the largest forest owners own tens of thousands of forests. The leader among them is the CIS Myrtillus, whose owner is Swedish Södra Skogsagarna ekonomisk foreningand has 56,940 hectares of forest in Latvia. Top 100 in the list of the largest forest owners in 6th place, also classified the company Sodra Latvia detained company Fragaria – 14,760 hectares, but 19 place – Zilupe Forest – 3,830 hectares of forest. The list also includes two companies that are directly owned Södra Skogsagarna Ekonomisk Forening Punish the forest and Brown.

Top 100 In 2017, the largest forest owners spent € 800.59 million and earned € 111.81 million. In 2017, compared to the previous year, revenue increased by 10.55% and profit, 41.71%.

Top 10 the largest forest owners are Myrtillus (it has 56,940 hectares of forest) Forests of riga (45,960 hectares of forest) IRI Forest Assets Latvia (40 160 hectares of own forests) IRI Asset Management (16,100 hectares of own forests) IRI Investments Latvia (14,770 hectares of own forests) Fragaria (14,760 hectares of own forests) Punish the forest (12 480 hectares of forest) Forests of the Latvian State (10 010 hectares of forest) Eastern Forest (9580 hake forests) and Sundin Forest (9290 hectares of forest).

Lursoft Calculations of the financial indicators of the largest forest owners show that in 2017 Top 100 The companies spent 1.49 billion euros and earned 157.80 million euros. While foreign-owned forestry owners traded 129.05 million euros in 2017, the total turnover of Latvia's capital companies was ten times higher – 1.13 billion euros.

General of Top 100 The largest forest owners 34 worked in 2017 with a turnover of more than one million euros, but for four companies did not reach the limit of 10,000 euros.

Ranking of the largest forest owners by billing in 2017, among the 10 leaders, only one is foreign capital, the remainder are local capital companies. The leader among forest owners by turnover is Forests of the Latvian State, which in 2017 was the 16th largest company in Latvia.

Looking at the 100 largest forest properties, Lursoft investigated that among the participants of these companies, 81 individuals, including from Latvia and abroad, are already at the first level. For example, Edents Dupuz, an entrepreneur at Ventspils, owns SIA MRU Coursegood Golfos. With two companies Top 100 Uldis Mierkalns, which owns 80% of the company, is also on the list of the largest forest owners Latvian forests share everything PAW actions. Among the owners of the largest forests is Gundars Skudrins, which has Vidzeme Forestry Worker is the 67th largest forest owner in Latvia, as well as Aldis Buks, Ivars Dāboliņš and Aigars Nitišs, who hold a multidisciplinary company in equal shares Oshukalns.

In analyzing what the "100 largest" forest owners have pointed out as the main activity, in most cases, it can be observed that their activities are related to forestry – 53 companies or logging companies – 20 companies. Five traders reported that they are buying and selling their real estate, and another four are dealing with the wholesale of wood, building materials and sanitary equipment.

Based on data provided by the Ministry of Agriculture, Latvia's forests cover 3.38 million hectares and cover 52% of Latvia's territory, making it the fourth most forested country in Europe.


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