MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC High-Level Air Conditioner – Be one step ahead of the summer glow! / Day


The MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC conditioners are combined with quality, exclusive technology and pleasing and stylish designs – DELUX MSZ-FH, HERO MSZ-LN, MSZ-AP SOLID.

Familiarize yourself with the original MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC technologies for better air conditioning control:

Quick Cooling Function ir essential for air conditioning systems in residential, commercial and industrial installations. MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Quick Cooling provides fast cooling of target areas with high volume, low temperature airflow.

Wireless control with remote control or MELCloud application on your computer, smartphone. The wireless controller allows you to fully control the operation of your air conditioner using a wireless controller or integrated Wi-Fi, which can be easily managed with our MELCloud application, allowing you to manage and control your air conditioner at home or on the road. outside. The application provides full control of the air conditioner control.

Improves air quality while the high-quality air-cooling function is implemented, air purification is also performed. Thanks to its unique filter, it cleanses air from dust, mold, pollen and unwanted particles.

The I-see (ES-LED) sensor detects details and ensure that all surfaces in the room are refrigerated. At the same time, the device is so smart it knows where you are in the room and adjusts your activities accordingly. You can choose to have air flowing in your direction or vice versa. When there is no one in the room that sets the temperature to two degrees higher, the conditioner will do it alone, which in the long run will save energy.

Some of the quietest on the market air conditioners available that will allow you to enjoy the peace of the night undisturbed! The Hero MSZ-LN models are equipped with an exclusive night mode, which reduces noise levels in the external block. Air conditioners for the environment With a unique cold agent, R32, you can save energy by helping to take care of the environment!

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