Sunday , October 17 2021

Mel is recognized as the most profitable athlete in the world – Soccer

Argentine soccer superstar Lionel Mesi was the most profitable athlete in the world last year, according to the influential Forbes newspaper.

Barcelona and Argentina star Mel, from the athletes' most lucrative throne, has launched a boxer, Floyd Meivezer, and the club's income and advertising contracts were $ 127 million last year (€ 112 million) .

Meanwhile, another footballer ranked second – Christian Ronald Ronald earned $ 109 million (€ 96 million) during the year, while the top three came from Neimar, who made $ 105 million (€ 93 million) .

But just behind the top three, with $ 94 million (€ 83 million), is the Mexican boxer Sauls Alvaress. In September last year, he completed the most lucrative contract in boxing history, with the DAZN streaming network agreeing on a five-year contract and 11 fights worth a total of $ 365 million (€ 322 million).

Meanwhile, the top five athletes are signed by Swiss tennis legend Roger Federer, who earned $ 93.4 million (€ 82 million) a year.

The following are the players of the National American Football League (NFL) and the National Basketball Association (NBA). The NBA's most profitable basketball player was Lebron James, who holds $ 89 million in the Forbes list.

The only woman to join Forbes' most deserving athlete is Serena Williams, who earned $ 29.2 million a year to earn her 63rd place.

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