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Next season, the Nets must be represented by league superstar Cairy Ervings, who told the Boston Celtics team to leave the team.

Attracting Elving, "Nets" is planning to say goodbye to D & # 39; Engelo Russell.

The $ 46 million cap is free, says influential US sports media ESPN. Thus, the Nets can pay two leagues to the best players in the league.

The New York Post writes that last season, Nets' weak spot was an attacker's position, often with Kuruc, although he was a lightweight striker. The Brooklyn unit could fix this hole by linking the Porzini. The host of the "Nets" team had been involved before.

In addition, before starting with the New York Knicks, he claimed a move to another team, one of which was Nets, which once reported to the American sports media.

Recently, at the Basketball Without Borders Europe 2019 talent camp, Porziņģis, in his talk with the Latvian media, said he was not sure whether he would return to the Dallas Mavericks team in late June.

"Look, I do not know yet what the plan will be for that field," said the Latvian basketball star, who played for the last time in February 2018 when he suffered a knee injury.

Kristaps Porzinsis

PHOTO: Ieva Makare / LETA

Powderman himself has so far spoken of his future in the "Mavericks" team. It is true that club owner Mark Cuban and coach Rick Carlisle would be very happy to agree to the terms of the contract.

As of July 1, the NBA's debut will end on July 1, so it will become a limited free agent. Therefore, any club may offer a contract to a Latvian basketball player, but "Mavericks" will have a preference for offering equivalent contract terms.

Mavericks could offer Porzins a multi-year contract of approximately $ 150 million. Theoretically, there is also an option that the Latvian chooses to sign a qualifying contract for $ 4.5 million for a year, thereby becoming an unlimited free agent by 2020.

The most realistic additions to the Nets ranks are Gallin and Harris. Kevin Durant spoke repeatedly.


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