Media: "Knicks" before Mavericks change the revealed powder manifest was crush for cash, not rape


The day after the public's knowledge about the prosecution of Latvian basketball player Kristapa Porzins in a rape case, more and more new information is emerging. This is what Dallas Dallas News News did this time around.

They report that Porzins' former team, the Knicks of New York, for their trading partner, the Dallas Mavericks, reported that a basketball player is trying to extort money, but the circumstances in which it occurs (accusation of rape) have not been clearly revealed .

"The word used to have been" extortion ", a source who once told the Dallas Morning News," The word "rape" was not mentioned, just "extortion" ".

The Knicks team, Mavericks, also said they were convinced that the Latvian basketball player tells them the truth about the case.

In turn, another medium, The New York Post, which first announced the Porziņg case to the rest of the world, emphasized that one of the reasons why the Commander wanted to be changed from the Knicks team is a fresh start in a new city . rape).

We have already reported that Kristaps Porzins, a Dallas Mavericks striker, is being charged with rape.


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