Maxima is launching this year's investment plans. In total, more than 30 million euros will be invested


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In 2019, the "Maxima Latvija" retail network will significantly expand the chain of stores, opening several new form stores, several small format stores, and completely rebuilding the existing 10 stores, some of which will be significantly expanded.

The total investment in the expansion of the chain of stores and the experience of purchase of the customers is foreseen in more than 34 million euros.

Maxima Latvija Chairman of the Board of Directors, Andris Vilcmeiers, stresses that this year Maxima Latvia will be the most active year of growth.

As residents increasingly appreciate the opportunity to buy everything in one place, the more ambitious project "Maxima XXX", "Akropole" store, will open in the spring, which will be one of the most modern Maxima stores in the Baltic countries.

"However, we take into account the fact that a large part of the population appreciates the possibility of buying the necessary goods near their homes, diverting a large part of the financial and labor resources to the" convenience "or openings of small and backyard stores and reforms, "says A. Vilcmeiers.

Last year, by improving the customer and employee experience, Maxima Latvija rebuilt 10 and opened 6 new stores, including the first Maxima Express stores in the Baltic countries, as well as the Maxima XXX supermarket in Riga Plaza fashion and entertainment center.

"Maxima Latvija" Ltd. is a retail network with 163 stores in Latvia, of which 129 are "X" stores, 24 are "XX" and six are "XXX", and four are "Maxima Express" stores.

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This year, Maxima also became a leader in electromobility in Northern Europe, introducing lithium battery powered trucks and environmentally friendly technology that simplifies the day-to-day work of the team and makes it much more comfortable.

The company is part of the Maxima Grupe holding company, the largest retail and employer network in the Baltic States, with more than 30,000 employees in five countries (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland and Bulgaria).


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