Lot and the missing dragons travel through the world's film festivals / Diena


From April 1 to April 6, the film will be screened at the Stockholm International Film Festival Juniors, which includes films aimed at children and young people.

The next film festival with the film directed by Jann Poldm and Heiki Ernit will take place in Leeds, UK from 8 to 22 April, and this year marks the 20th anniversary. May 11 and 12 will be held Little Big Films the festival in Hamburg, Germany, which also includes the latest Lotus movie, and of course the Lathes will not stop – it is known that it will go to Hong Kong in the summer.

In the last film about the adventures of Lotte, two scientists come to the Inventors' Village – Karl Jenot and Victor Vike. They decided to participate in competitions where participants have to collect as many folk songs as possible. Their biggest dream is to record how the mythical firefighter dragon sings. Hearing this, Lot and his little sister Rozie let loose their legs and adventures can begin!

In cooperation with Movie Point you can watch a movie in all of Latvia. Today, April 2, the film will be shown in Vilaka and Lizuma on April 4 in Ērgļi, on April 5, in Cesvaine, Jumprava, Incukalns and Preili. This Saturday, April 6, movie Lot and lost dragons you can watch in Rujiena, Vilce and Jaunpiebalga, and on Sunday, April 7 – in Taurene, Vidriži and Asarė. Lot's journey will continue – the film will be shown in more than 80 venues.


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