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Liverpool played against Southampton on Friday with a 3: 1 score (1: 1).

For Liverpool visitors, this game was not straightforward, since at nine minutes, the South Shore was led by Shin Long, but in the 36th minute, Nabe Keith scored 1: 1.

After that, the result did not change until the end of the game, when Mohamed Salah, who took Liverpool in the 80th minute, made a great run in the opponents' gate, and in the 86th minute, George Henderson put an end to this game.

This victory allowed Liverpool to return to the lead, but Manchester City, who are two points behind, slowed their performance.

In a Friday match, Salah stopped his eight-line "dry" series, but Liverpool's head coach J├╝rgen Clop said he had never doubted the Egyptian.

"I've never doubted that a great football player is playing in my unit," said Klopp. "Liverpool now has 50 goals, which is an unbelievable figure.

Liverpool, under the leadership of the Premier League, scored 82 points in 33 games while Manchester City have 80 points in 32 battles.

The third place with 64 points is Scotland's Hotspur, which is followed by another unit from London, Arsenal and Chelsea, who scored 31 and 32 respectively.

The top six with 61 points in 32 games, meanwhile, end Manchester United.


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