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One of my most powerful childhood memories is directly related to Freddy Mercury. Together with our parents, we watched a TV where it was announced that the lead singer of the band Queen had died. Mom explained to me that the terrible AIDS disease was missing. I learned more about this disease when I grew up, but the painful memory of how Freddy Mercury was crying was very long. Because of course there were Queen Plates at home and of course I knew the song "Bohemian Rhapsody" of the child's legs.

Brayne Singer (although he is not really the only director of the film – at one point, Singer replaced David Flecher, who also completed his work in the film on Elton John this year), the film took most of the original and unusual music as a Conceptual basic film.

Of course, the film is focused on the eccentric and visually brilliant leader of Queen Freddy Merkury. But the main character of the second film is rock music itself – its energy, joy and excitement, presented by appearances in front of a huge crowd singing all the songs. And that's exactly what makes "Rhapsody Bohemia" so enjoyable and exciting in the most positive sense. Although Merkury's life is definitely not covered with roses, it is said with tremendous joy and excitement.

This is also a story about self-acceptance and freedom given by self-awareness and not concealment. A Persian singer (born real name Faroh Bulsara), born in Zanzibar, is visually different, homosexual, and his music has changed the way we perceive our hand. And precisely because Mercury does not try to pretend to be anything else or integrate into the public's ideas about what he or his music should be, he is a genius and an inspired person who loves, adores and still loves. Although 27 years have passed since his death.

The road to fame

The Queen's story begins in the seventies, when the clumsy guy named Freddy (originally wishing to be part of the community, he changed his real name) meets other members of the group and shares a dream of fame. The first steps are timid and insecure, but Freddy finds his voice and his image, and creates together with the members of the group something unprecedented.

Since the film is centered around Mercury, the rest of the group remains in the background. However, as the actors "Queen" Brian Mey and Roger Taylor also helped to shape the script, it seems that was also a daily life for the band. And they are entrusted to Mercury, aware of the unmistakable visual energy and charisma of the singer.

Maleke to win

In the early stages of the film, only a few actors were discussed to trust the role of the legendary rock musician (including Sasha Baron Cohen), but it seems the creators took a happy step by choosing Rami Malek, an Egyptian actor.

Malex's television series is known as one of the main actors in Misters Robots. And in the "Bohemian Rhapsody," he will glorify himself in full glory.

By simulating Merkury's visual makeup and body language, Maleek offers a forceful and violent appearance without being emotional as well. One of the film's most intriguing stories is Merkury's relationship with his first wife, Mary A. Austin, who, despite the fact that the marriage was not intended for a long life, remains the closest friend of Freddie's. It also inspires him not to be ashamed of who he is.

Classical and respectful

It should be said that Bohemian Rhapsody follows the classic trajectory of the biographical film. The path to fame, fame, conflict and drama, phlegm. Merkury's desire to launch a solo career, which means the end of the Queen, is, of course, a breakthrough. However, the film does not shine in the darkest moments – it's an uplifting concert.

Of course, some viewers would like more added value and look more deeply into the complex nature of the musician of this genius. However, Bohemian Rhapsody also does not avoid the painful moments and themes of AIDS. It remains true to its nature – a great and comprehensive love for music and against people who are not taking action but against it. And so, it changes the perception of the world.

"Bohemian Rhapsody"

Drama, Musical Film, Biography, USA, 2018
Director: Brian Singers
Cast: Rami Maleks, Lucy Bointone, Guillem Lee, Ben Hurdy, Joseph Mazello, Aiden Guilen, Tom Holander, Alan Lich and Mike Maiers.




From the "Bohemian Rhapsody", you will enjoy pure pleasure, a happy and indecisive Freddy Merkury and a portrait of "Queen." As "Queen," there would be nothing but the sensual presence of Mercury, just as "Bohemian Rhapsody" is dominated by the playful, unexpectedly sharp magnetic actress of Rami Maleka as soloist of the group.



"Bohemian Rhapsody" has always been completely dependent on who will play Freddy Mercury and, fortunately, Rami Maleks is more than adequate for this task, capturing viewers with the artist's stunning and hideous magnetism.



In this version, Freddie Mercury tells the sharpest corners of the round, rounded to his taste and fading is sweetened. Is this a reality? Is it just fantasy? A bit of both. But at the moment, when closeness, curiosity and openness seem like a kind of extinction, the remaining concert scene is even delightful.

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