Lightning's captain's assistant will have to finish his hockey career early


Raiens Kalahens,
Photo: NHL

Assistant to the National Hockey League (NHL) team captain, Ryan Kalahen, will have to end his professional hockey career early.

The 34-year-old striker used lumbar intervertebral discs. With such a problem, it is not possible to play hockey at the NHL level, and also your doctors advise hockey players to think about completing a career.

"This disease can not be avoided quickly," Kalahens said on the club's website. "And what is never nice to hear, and all the doctors I said, I do not think I can fight now. Already last season I went through every game because of the pain, but I do not want to try another season. "

"I do not think the break of a year or two will help me," continued the hockey player. "Let's be honest. Considering what the doctors told me and how I feel, it seems I never go back to the NHL ice. "

For several years, Kalahen had problems with his back, but last season the problems became more serious, but at the moment, due to illness, the striker will have to finish his career sooner.

Kalahen, who is also a national champion at the World Championships and Olympics, has been in the NHL for 13 seasons, playing in teams like Rangers and Lightning in New York. He has been captain of the team for three seasons, but for the last five seasons he has been assistant to lightning captain.

In the trauma, Kalahen scored 17 (7 + 10) points in 52 games last season, but it was the most successful season in 2011/12. and 2014/15 year, when he scored 54 (29 + 25) and 54 (24 + 30), respectively.


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