"Liepāja Dzintars" will celebrate the 55th anniversary of the festival "Liepāja Dzintars" in the concert hall | News


"Liepāja Dzintars" will celebrate the 55th anniversary of the concert hall "Liepāja Dzintars"

Riga, May 14, LETA. On May 25, at the concert hall "Liepāja Dzintars" with the concert and conference, the 55th anniversary of the "Liepāja Dzintars" festival will be celebrated, the LETA was informed by the organizers of the event.

The opening of the big concert at age 19 and the first part of the concert will honor the musicians who have already been on the stage of the festival – Zdislava Romanovska, Ojārs Grīnbergs, Martins Freimanis and Niks Matvjevs. The songs of vocal group Jānis Strazds sing Olga Rajecka, Zigfrid Muktupavel, Ingus Ulmanis and Aigars Voitišķis, Ivo Fomins and Igo.

In the second part of the concert, there will be the opportunity to listen to songs from the repertoire of the group "2 x BBM", Juris Pavītols will play songs created in the seventies, Vyacheslav Mitrohin will make compositions of the band "Strontiš" (1972), Ieva Kerevica will also play along with the "Spirit Shadows" group. also the group "Credo" and others.

A concert dedicated to the festival "Liepāja Dzintars" will be held before the concert in 14, whose main theme will be the history, culture and political context of the festival "Liepāja amber", the heritage and aesthetics of the festival "Liepāja Dzintars".

"This will be a great opportunity to listen to the facts and emotional things for about two hours and to understand what the Liepaja Amber Festival was a phenomenon," said Igo. He also recalled that a concert dedicated to the festival will be held in the lobby of the concert hall, where you can see diplomas and awards, posters and other trophies granted to groups and musicians.

Tickets for the show can be purchased at the "Biļešu paradīze" box office and on the Internet "www.bilesuparadize.lv".


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