Latvian journalist and singer discover he is fighting cancer


The Latvian television correspondent in the UK and singer Ilze Kalve of the popular group "Ninja Stinkts" reveals that she was diagnosed with "cancer" reported in the material of Gita Viksne "Cancer did not fit into my plans" in "Private Life" .

Ilze remembers that it all started with an operation when the cyst had to be removed from the ovary. All was well until tissue analysis showed ovarian cancer.

"There was a shock at the beginning There was an urgent need for a second operation to remove everything that could be removed The fact that I could no longer have a baby for 49 years did not bother me But the cancer did not fit my future plans" , said Kalve.

Despite having lived with her husband for four years in Lilebria, Ilze is treated in Latvia.

After surgery, she returned to the UK, now she has to learn a little differently – Ilze should not lift her weight, not overload her. She adds, "But I do not think it's a long time. The scars will heal and I'll fly again!"


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