Laba Daba Festival expands its name and announces the new program –


The Festival of Good Nature in 2019 expands its name from music to music and art festival. The name & # 39; Music & Art & # 39; in the title indicates a change in the format of the festival, complementing the musical program with an art program – experimental theater, dance and performances. Expecting the festival between August 2-4, organizers will announce the first artists approved in the music and art sections.

It is now known that the festival will feature the urban reggae group ACKEEMAMA from Russia.

Association of "Street / ska / punk" games "MISE EN SCENE" of Belgium.

Danish sound genre "BABYLOVE & THE VAN DANGOS".

Conceptually avant-garde Slovenian group "LAIBACH".

From local artists announced: Iron Wolf, Wives and Strong Berries, Riga Reggae, Balozi Full Yard, Skyforger. The next groups will be announced on March 25 on the festival's website and on social networks.

This year, the beautiful barn of "Dog's Stage", or the recreation complex "Ratnieki & # 39; of the University of Latvia, which has so far charmed visitors with the musical program, will become an experimental theater and a cinema. It will feature several shows, dances and performances from Latvia, Lithuania and Israel. Thanks to the support of the State Capital Capital Foundation, the festival has received a greater opportunity to show performances of local and foreign outdoor forms that will be of great benefit to the visitors and a new experience of watching the theater. In addition, several contemporary circus workshops will operate within the festival, and the festival area will be filled with beautiful environmental objects and light installations.

As one of the first events of the art program, the organizers mention dance performance "From the Mist" and "Theater TT" for a dazzling drama "On Normal Chalice." The dancers of the Folk Dance Ensemble of the University of Latvia "Danci" are the creators of "No Mist". It is based on the contrast between the human mist and the moment a man breaks out of the fog and comes to the light. Choreographer Krišjānis Šimis experiences the traditional teaching of folk dances. This time, the steps of Latvian folk dance are in the 21st century. Electronic music of US, Brazilian and Icelandic composers – classics, trap, low down and beat. Thus, "No Mist" offers another new perspective on Latvian folk dance – its rich heritage in interaction with the 21st century. cultural currents.

In contrast, Klava Knut Sukura's performance, "For Normal Chalice," is a story of two thirty-five-year-old childhood friends who cry for a lifetime until they find that they have made a serious decision. After the change, the decision not to buy a new motorcycle, to try sex in a trio or to savor some of the less known but more responsible intoxicants. What exactly? To remain intriguing, everything will become clear during the show. Both friends will play in the show, beloved by the viewers of the series, Kristians Karelins and Madars Zvagulis.

"Despite the expansion of the festival program, the basic idea of ​​the festival will not change. Good Nature will continue to be the most atmospheric and family festival in Latvia. As we have seen so far, we look forward to an open-minded, open-minded and environment-friendly visitor. This year we also plan activities and programs for the smallest visitors to the festival. In addition, the price policy for tickets continues to be family friendly: children under 13 (inclusive) do not need to enter the festival, "says Lienîte Ormane, one of the festival's authors.


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