Friday , October 22 2021

Kia XCeed intersections will receive a digital dashboard


New all-digital 12.3-inch panel will be available this year and will be unveiled with the new Kia XCeed city crossover

The new Kia XCeed city crossover will be available with the first all-digital 12.3-inch instrument panel created by the Kia brand. The Kia XCeed will be presented on June 26, 2019, one of the most technologically advanced compact cars when it comes to sale.

Emilio Herrera, representative of Kia Motors Europe, commented: "Our new digital dashboard is just one of many possible technology options available with KiaXCeed. By expanding a wide range of features, especially on higher spec models, this digital dashboard will play an important role in providing important information to drivers in an understandable yet discreet manner. In the future, this system will be adapted to other Kia models as they are constantly looking for new ways to provide important information for drivers while driving. "

A new high resolution screen for easy information reception

The new 12.3-inch Kia XCeed digital dashboard is designed to make it easier to see the information. With a high resolution screen of 1920×720 pixels, this digital system will replace the conventional speedometer and tachometer displays that are visible on branded passenger cars. The discreet display will include a digital scale of cars and engine speeds, which will react quickly and evenly in response to the driver's behavior.

The two digital scales will have a multifunctional display that can be controlled by the multifunction steering wheel of the car. In this part of the screen, drivers will be able to keep their navigation instructions, audio information, phone calls and contacts, as well as other travel information such as current and average fuel consumption levels within their reach. Car diagnostic warnings, traffic and safety warnings and navigation will also be displayed here. The central display will also display messages that suggest that the driver rests when the steering style identifies signs of fatigue.

When the driver stops and the engine shuts off, a brief timeline and summary of the journey showing the time, distance traveled, average fuel consumption and remaining distance that the car can withstand in the fuel tank will be displayed.

The new digital dashboard will be available as an option in the new Kia Xceed, depending on the sales market and car specifications. It will replace the existing dials and 3.8 inch TFT LCD monitors or 4.2 inch LCD, which are currently on Kia cars, depending on the specific specification.

Choice of driving style

Like other Ceed models, some variants of the Kia Xceed will be offered with a steering style option. The driver will be able to adjust the driving behavior and performance of the car to the driving conditions. Changing from "Normal" to "Sports" will change the steering style and gear accordingly.

The new digital instrument monitoring system will adapt to each style of steering according to the type chosen. When the steering style is changed, the instrument monitoring system will display more detailed information about the selected option. For example, in the "Normal" style, the display will provide information on current fuel consumption, traditional engine and carriage speed scales, and additional travel information. In turn, in the "Sport" style, the system will provide more visible information about the current engine speed and engine speed. Minor information will not be displayed to reduce the possibility of distraction from the driver.

Digital Dashboard Future

By installing this digital dashboard, Kia has ensured that the car's internal safety fits into future technological developments. The Digital Dashboard System is a key component for processing data and providing information from multiple sources. The new system means that Kia is well-prepared to integrate the highest safety measures and technologies in car monitors.

For example, the graphical capabilities of the system are suitable for displaying information related to electrified cars, which occupy an increasingly important place in the line of Kia models. The digital dashboard will be adapted in the future to inform you about the eco-steering style as well as to show the flow of energy between the batteries and the electric motor. The monitor will also provide a visual link to the Eco steering style available on some Kia models. The new Kia dashboard will also be available in other models – hybrids, hybrids, plug-in hybrids and electric cars.

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