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Adolf Skulte once described his students once told him about the composer Vilma Smidberg – he has no unnecessary notes on the song! "I am forced to disagree with him, still struggling with excessive grades," Smilesberg laughs earnestly, celebrating his 75th birthday on June 14. But his jubilee concert is expected on May 4.

It was always important for Smidberg to talk about Latvia, its history and the past of its own family. "It is likely that he will keep up with his mother's milk." I had the honor to come to the world in German – in 1944, when Russian bombers flew over Ventspils, his father made a bunker especially in the garden.

My mother used to say – before the flight was still silent, but I began to cry hysterically. The child is already feeling some kind of vibration in the air. "

On May 4, three of his symphonic workshops – the "Fire Race" Oratory, the Concerto for Alto Saxophone and the Third Symphony, for which the composer received the Grand Prix of Music of Latvia, will play in the Great Guild. The saxophonist Oskars Petrauskis and the mixed choirs "Sla" and "Juventus" will participate in the concert together with the orchestra "Riga", while Valdis Butāns will be at the teacher's table.

"Very respectful of Valdis Butane – from the musical point of view, he is constantly growing, and these are not just my thoughts, he is making great progress.

I'm used to it because there is not a month we do not work together. As well as Kaspar Adamson and his "Sula" I'm sure – we work together not once, so I know that everything will be fine.

Photo: Orchestra "Riga"

Vilnis Smidbergs and Valdis Butans

Maestro Butan wanted to write a new work, but I had so many different arrangements at that time … It's for me all the time – I do several jobs at the same time, I need my own planning, otherwise I can quickly enter the gap. I usually started several jobs at once, and from time to time I jumped from one job to another, "says the composer. , and in a month I wrote – in large lines, and Moscow bought for me. A significant event!

At that time, I proudly walked that the Union of Composers of the USSR redeemed my work! "

But John Peter's poem "Fire Run" is in the composer's thinking: "I could not get along, the conditions at work at home were not very good. I started writing in 1987 – I went to the creative house in Repin was about German events during the German occupation – German troops entered Latvia and a village – Ancupan – was destroyed, women were raped and burned alive, including children and parents.

Peter advised that we could take the name of the village of Ancupāni – I wanted to globalize this tragedy because there were many occupations in Latvia: what kind of troops did not pass! Peters was calm. He said – do whatever you want, "says the composer.

The repertoire, Marģeris Zariņš, was also present at Repin, where work was also done during the month. "He looked at my sketches and was very pleasantly surprised, but he also advised – go watch Latvian folk songs, Latvians have very good war songs, and so did I. organically crosses, sometimes Peter's text sometimes letters.

Disruptive. I never imagined that there were such Latvian folk songs with scary texts. The censorship was exhausting, but Peters did the work with her. "

But the Concerto for Alto Saxophone was written in 2013. "With Oskars Petrauskas we got in touch, I said, that should be reinforced stylistically. At the premiere, as if everything were academic, Martins Ozolins led, but there are elements of jazz – I want them to be They are not banal, but organically, although the orchestra is rocking.

The concert was written specifically for Oscar Petrausk and he will be a soloist this time around. "I could not imagine that anyone could be in their place,

although the saxophonists are very bright for us, but there are purely human qualities that bind me to the Oscars. Let's not talk about musicality – I value it very much as an improviser. He has a melodic talent inside, his saxophone sings,

and the most interesting thing is that Oscar can play without breathing – this is the so-called double breath that he showed me … "

The third work of the concert is the Third Symphony, which was created in 2010. "I have a terribly funny situation – there are works I wrote and I recognize them, but – as I wrote them, I can not understand anything.

Yesterday I was listening to the Violin Concerto and could not understand how I could write everything. It is not the first time … "

Professor Skulte's claim that Schmidberg does not have a superfluous note, the composer disagrees. "I think any composer would agree that I could write a work for a lifetime because every time I think differently.

Even scientists say that – the more you discover something new, the more revealed it is that which is not discovered.

The symphony also has several proofs. Painting can not be transformed, but music can. "

And what is painted in the Third Symphony? "There is a significant code inside – in the middle of that march, I used the mourning musical material.The gauze is becoming more aggressive, changing, coding the hymn of the USSR.If you listen well, you can feel it rhythmically, you can recognize The symphony is dedicated to commemorate the victims of the communist regime, there is no special program for the listener that is not necessary. " Finally, there is a Catholic prayer to Mary, a prayer for the dead.

The next Schmidberg Jubilee concert will take place on May 10, when the Latvian Symphony Orchestra will play Newlyweds from Shimberg, Symphony Orchestra. "In principle, there is a blame for Orests Silabriedis." We met Radio, Orest threw out the idea that work whose grades were somewhere in the room would be worth restoring. found it.

I went to the closet, where the mess fell, and I look at it – a large format folder that I take in the dullo and – yes, a symphony concert …

All in stripes, lines, sonoristic crazy, while I had a completely different calligraphy. This is the only work I have, in a way strangely to me, absolutely different thinking – at the time I was fascinated by Lutoslavski. (…) There is so much musical material that could make three symphonies! Heavy, heavy making your birthday … "


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