In Liepaja, a girl was found on the street at night


On Thursday evening, a girl was found on the street in Liepaja, the LETA agency, Agnese Mieme, the local government reported.

In. 20.00 a couple of girls with a girl born in 2015 stopped at the intersection of the police patrols on the streets Rainis and Jelgavas. The man and the woman explained that, walking down Raina Street, she noticed a girl, one walking down the street.

The child did not know his name, but taught him to show where he lived. Cops went with her to her direction.

When they went to the specified address, two young men met and explained that the girl was their sister. While the young men went to look for a father, the girl's mother came to the garden, explaining that the girl was with her, but when she stopped for a moment, she disappeared from his sight. The mother is engaged in stimulating conversation.

Two hours later, police received a call to Red Street, where two children were in the car, about two and three years old. At the scene, local police were greeted by the caller and pointed to a car with two small children sitting, but a couple came out of the yard explaining that the car was their children.

The man explained that he had gone to the acquaintances after the strawberries for a few minutes for the children. Educational discussions with people on site.


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