Friday , October 22 2021

In case of an extraordinary election «Gods to serve Riga» will be initiated separately / Article /


If Riga is to an extraordinary election, the former partners of the "Coalition" "Gods to serve Riga" at the beginning with a separate list, not a single list, as happened before, said the Mayor of Riga Dainis Turlais ("God serve") Riga ").

He said that "Harmony" had already indicated that it would start separately, and that the GKR could start on its own.

According to him, Riga City Council had one less in previous sessions – "we do not hide, but we do not assume any political responsibility".

For example, in government, parties are responsible for specific ministries, specific sectors, but "Riga Town Hall was everything – well, Riga Town Hall … but it still is not."

"There is a specific political responsibility, we put on a veil, now we are crazy!" Said Turlais.


The Turks elected the mayor on May 30. Shortly thereafter, the deputy mayor of Riga was cast in the election – Sandris Bergmanis, who was "coordinated" in that position, but his candidacy was not supported by four members of the "Harmony" faction. They were excluded from the "Harmony" faction. The Dome Coalition, where "Harmony" has been working with the party "Glory to serve Riga" for many years, now has 28 seats in 60.

Thus, Riga City Council has created a political crisis, because neither the coalition nor the opposition have a majority.

The Turks made a proposal to all factions – the decisions of the council in the future will be adopted by the new Political Council, which will be for all the political forces of the council. But the opposition has vowed to demand a vote of suspicion in Turla, and the vote will take place on June 20.

If the parties can not reach a long-term agreement, the council can be dismissed and extraordinary elections, because according to law, the municipality can not be without a president for more than two months.

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