In addition, Teckenham Hotspur and Liverpool reach the semifinals of the Champions League / Day


Quarterfinals "Hotspur" in match with 3: 4 (2: 3) lost to Manchester City, champion of England. The sum of the two games was 4: 4, but even more, thanks to more goals in the field, "Hotspur", which for the first time in history reached the semifinals of the UEFA Champions League.

In the second game, Liverpool defeated Porto Porto de Portugal safely in a 4: 1 match (1: 0), triumphing with a two-game 6: 1 aggregate.

Thus, the combined semi-finals – Hotspur of Thuringia will meet with surprise authors of the Amsterdam Ajax of Amsterdam, while Liverpool can win with the great prize of Barcelona.

The game in Manchester began with surprising results. In the fourth minute, the hosts were led by Manchester City striker Rahim Styling. However, after three minutes, one of Hotspur's leaders, Honmiņs Sons, equalized, and in the tenth minute he took the lead. It was not long before the English champions responded, as Bernard Silva scored a minute later.

Thus, for the first time in the history of one of the UEFA Champions League matches, four goals were scored in the first 11 minutes.

It was not all that, because on March 21, Sterling scored with his second hit of 3: 2 for "City", but he still needed at least one more gate to enter the next round. At the end of the first half, midfielder Musas Sisoko of "Hotspur" won a yellow card when he hit the player with a strong kick but left the team.

Two minutes before the end of the half-hour, shuffling the guard, Sons made a good shot, but a distance kick of about 20 meters passed by the beam. Before the break, Kevin de Brujnem had a good chance to win a home goal but the result remained unchanged and City's first half ended with a slight 3: 2 lead.

The second half was more active at home, and after two minutes, Brujnem was again able to score a goal of about 25 meters, but the ball flew over the gate. Shortly after, City was attacked by another dangerous player in the penalty area of ​​the opponent, but the French goalkeeper Igo Lorī made a great effort. In the 59th minute of the battle, however, de Brujne created a huge pause between the three players "Hotspur", who, after stretching the ball, was still able to give the Argentinian Serhio Agvero a 4: 2 home scam.

This was the result for the English champions to reach the UEFA Champions League semi-finals. However, the teams continued to play offensive football, resulting in "Hotspur" winning three shots at the corner at 72 & the last, with Fernando Loorent's goal at 4: 3.

The result was already good for the "Hotspur" unit, but luck in the third minute seemed to smile for the Manchester City players when Steller scored, but after watching the replay of the video, the judge did not count the exact beat, as Agvero was involved in the attack.

In conclusion, the Manchester unit failed to escape the sum of two games.

Hotspur will play Dutch Amsterdam Ajax in the semi-finals, returning to European football on stage and in the quarter-finals with a two-game two-leg game for Turin's Juventus from Italy.

However, the home game in Porto was initially disputed by the home team, diverting them from the dangerous attacks on the Liverpool gate in the opening minutes. The Porto players tried to defeat the lack of the two goals scored in the first game, while the English team responded with counterattacks. The vigilance of the experienced Ikila Kasilya was rarely disturbed.

It is true that Liverpool football player Sadio Mane revealed the result, using an excellent centralization of Mohamed Salah, contrary to developments. The referee did not hesitate and he tipped the ball to the referee.

This turnaround completely changed the game of Porto, since the pressure on the house fell dramatically. The second half began with a minor intensity of play, and in the 65th minute Salah came in at 2: 0, thus eliminating the hopes of the home for a semi-final. True, four minutes later, Edd Milita regained a goal but did not restore the intrigue, as Robin Firmin scored 3: 1 in 77 minutes, and seven minutes later, Virginia van Dijk scored a fourth in Liverpool, setting the final result of the fight.

Liverpool will meet Spanish club Barcelona in the semifinals that broke Manchester United in the Premier League of the United Kingdom in a sum of two games of 4: 0.

The quarterfinals in the first game "Liverpool" in their field with 2: 0 beat "Port" while "Hotspur" also in front of their viewers with 1: 0 beat Manchester City.

Liverpool were a great pair of favorites as 17 tournaments did not suffer defeat in all tournaments. Both teams faced each other last year in the eighth final, finishing their first match with Liverpool's defeat at 5: 0, so the draw did not prevent the English club from entering the next round.

Liverpool were second in their group after Saint-Germain in Paris, entering only the final round of the final round. With that, the English team with 3: 1 beat Bayern Munich in Germany. Meanwhile, "Porto" football players won in their subgroup, but in the first round of the playoff tournament with 4: 3 in two games, "Romeo" surpassed, with victory in the extra time of the match.

In the second pair, the City unit, which won 14 games before the tournament last week, was considered a favorite. Both teams played the first mutual game a week ago at Eurocars.

This season, both units have already been in the Premier League tournament, where Manchester players were 1: 0 higher. Both will meet three times in 11 days – two in the Champions League and one in the Premier League.

Manchester City won safely in the subgroup and in the first round of the playoff tournament with 10: 2 in two games, destroyed "Schalke 04" of Gelsenkirchen, while "Hotspur" was the second and play-off in the first round with 4 : 0 about Dortmund "Borussia". Thus, all three corridors of England-Germany finished with English victories.

The Hotspur team in this game can not be helped by the attack leader Hare Kein, who was injured.

Manchester City and Liverpool are currently battling for the Premier League title while "Hotspur" is in third place. Meanwhile, Porto is with Benfica's victory in Lisbon in the Portuguese Championship.

The UEFA Champions League final will take place on 1 June in Madrid.

In the previous season, the tournament champion was crowned "Real" in Madrid, which beat Liverpool with a score of 3: 1. Real Madrid became the first team to win three consecutive years in the UEFA Champions League. In addition, the actual Spanish club in this trophy was the fourth time in the last five years.

Real Madrid is a member of the most prestigious European Cup of all time, making it the 13th best of the Old Continent. Since the establishment of the Champions League in the 1992/1993 season, Real players have lifted the trophy seven times. This was the 16th time for the Spanish Club Club in the finals of the European Club main tournament, which lost in only three cases, most recently in 1981.


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