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"Iļģu" children or "Bur mani" group offers unprecedented auditory experience / Article / LSM.LV

The band "Bur Mani" has just released their first album "Far Far" and offers its listeners an unprecedented experience – live performance on wireless headphones. The musicians laugh that the stage is like a small space station, while listeners – sincere "aliens" …

The band "Bur Mani" with singer Elza Rozentale, drummer Kaspars Kurdeko, bassist Toms Pois and guitarist Kaspars Vizulis lent their name to the song "Bur Man Buri", which is part of the repertoire of the band "Iļģi". "The" Iļģi "group – it's a high bar … They certainly are not reachable," says Tom Poish. "Because this is a different time and another situation and we are definitely not a folklore researcher.Every one of us is doing something different.But we are looking for and trying to do something new, or synthesizing folk songs with other sound things. They have great authority. "

The group's repertoire includes original compositions with lyrics of Latvian folk songs – a number one condition. "There is another condition that we have set ourselves – not to use traditional folk musical instruments, but those available today, because it seemed that folk music used the old enough instruments.We wanted to see what is happening with modern technology.How can they be integrated into folk songs, "says Elza Rosenthal.

"If we look at what is happening on our album – we swim here in the sea with different effects. Gatis Zaķis helped us a lot," Kaspars Vizulis reveals. "In the studio, in the recording process, when we started composing this song, we realized how much in our arsenal it is," adds Kaspars Kurdek.

In any case, the repertoire of "Bur Man" does not find simple folk songs with which all can use; they all have a special artistic design. "It's a long-lasting, mosaic-shaped text, conceived as it could have been said yesterday," says Vizulis. "With this, we show that

a person has not changed much by nature, just covered in different things. But the main thing – love, friendship, envy and everything we go through – goes over time.

This is, more importantly, the time to seize the time and see it today, feeling the way in time. "

Kaspars Kurdeko notes: "And this can be addressed to anyone – everyone has been in such a situation, and that is our goal, which I would like to add to this record."

What exactly is it that unites everyone? "I really like that, that we are all so different, each one is different, and I think this album, which is supposedly united in sound, can hear every letter, individuality.

Lego, who joined, is creating a new composition that is unprecedented and completely original, and is the main force, "believes Rozentāle.

Toms Poišs: "It's the meaning of our group for now – that the group is unique in the composition of these people. There is satisfaction with the colors that came here.

We laugh that we begin as children of "Iļģu". Whatever the stage is now. "

At the moment, "Bur Me" has started a new era in our concert experience – they offer to listen to their shows on wireless headphones, which is a very important innovation in Latvia. "We came to this completely by accident," says Rozentāle.

"It goes hand in hand with our idea of ​​giving folk music a modern soundtrack. Apart from the fact that it is truly unprecedented, inexperienced in Latvia – it is a sound with nuances, very personal, intimate, it is a new experience. "

Listeners sit in the concert hall, they look like we live in a musician, but he has the feeling that it would be his alone, as if he had an individual and personal concert.

It's a magic moment, very close and nuanced. "

How complicated is it and the group is afraid of competition? "No, it's an interesting thing, I want to try everything – it's not easy, because it's a very complicated setup.

Unlike the listeners, we have many different wires, on stage we look like a space station with a lot, a lot of machines and wires around, "laughs the singer Elza Rozentale.

"We must also be on a very good level, because everything that is done is subtly nuanced. No wrong note is going to hide, everything is on the tray … But I do not doubt, I put my hand to the heart so that everything is fine . "

The singer admits that listeners with headphones look like "healthy aliens". "But I noticed that

the viewer's eyes are completely different – they look at me with different eyes. I do not know what it is.

So far, there have been only three shows, but I see – as if we were close friends, there is a completely different contact, much closer than at other shows. I am very pleasantly surprised and pleased to also go to hearts and hearts. "

The concerts of the band "Bur me" are expected in Liepaja "Great Amber" (May 5), concert hall "Valmiera" (May 24) and the house of music "Daile" (May 30).

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