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The longest day of the year and the shortest night, the magic of fire and water, games and encounters – Ligo's night and Summer night will be here! Apollo portal has collected some tips to make the celebration a success for the elders and bring joy and vitality to the next solstice.

Preparing for the party

Before the gala night, you must prepare for the new solar cycle – be it yourself and your neighborhood. At this time, the laundry is washed and appropriate clothes are provided for all members of the family. Maybe someone has grown up and the shirt is no longer in shape. Maybe the root is missing – then buy a new one. Find the right shoes for the weather. Huge handkerchiefs and villains are good at Jeans. Scientists advise choosing white clothes because white is powerful and awakens creativity.

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Special attention should also be given to your home – regardless of whether the house is in an apartment building or on a farm, the living area should be completely cleaned and covered with herbs.

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In ancient times, the greatest amount of summer solstice was placed on tables and benches – in the past the flowers were not placed in pots like today, but the furniture was decorated with flowers. Sometimes even the whole room was full of plants, mostly on the floor, scattered by clays. Flowers could also be scattered, but when they were dressed, there was a lot of dirt. Kalmes smells really nice and even used to say they were fleas away from the fire.

Photo: Plants that are dangerous and are not better at the party

Although folk songs tend to say "all good Summer Solstice Hall", it's not quite true. The most sophisticated hunts are the madaras, the white and red clover, the marmots, the meadow-ducks, the ferns, but the first one in antiquity was the bulldozer, or today known as Valerian. Witches also weave special garlands, which consisted only of medicinal herbs, but after the feast, garlands were dried and stored in the barn – when winter fell ill, crowns were cooked in tea. The rest of the festive crowns were also stored in the barn, from which the crown infusions were boiled and given to the newborns.

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Traditionally, while wives collect medicine, men prepare the campfire: watch where the sun goes down, where it rains. The prevailing winds must be taken into account. The fire should be wide enough to walk and dance around. The campfire options are extensive – at the bottom of the hill, at the edge of the pond, in the middle of the river on the island or on the raft on the lake. Perhaps contractors like Kurdish fishermen put the wood in a boat or barrel and throw it into the sea? Vidzemnieki prepares several fires around the mountain and, in the middle of the fire, a card – a dwarf. At night, go from one campfire to the other, walking in the sun, that is, clockwise.

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They also make firewood stump with tar and arrange torches for evening walks. From the previously created birch forests, three gates are being produced: one by one will come, one from the other and the third from the other. If you are celebrating in a less flat place, you have to prepare a fire at night.

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Approaching the evening, the table is covered with white towels and waiting for guests.

I call, hell!

The tradition tells the owners to greet the guests at the gate. They have to scramble and beat the Contractors, coming to the farm, greeting, singing against what they know (they should not come in silence) and presenting the bribes of the village. Early arrival contractors help the hosts prepare their vacations. Women always have work in the kitchen, men – in the cut. Cheese and beer should be on the table Ligo (brilliant if the cheese is sieve of a hostess, but the beer is made by the host), the rest of the meal can be made at their own discretion.

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Daughters and wives pinch the wreaths of crimson flowers to be as beautiful as flowers and to give fertility to God, fruitful and healthy children. There are several ways to weave. Who knows, instruct the ignorant (braid can be braided or threaded). The daughters weave small garlands of witchcraft or flower garlands of three flowers (especially reading flowers). He does this: take the nine steps in the meadow and flower the three flowers you see, put them in the crown, take the nine steps again, take the three flowers, place them in the crown and continue. Men and women fasten crowns of oak branches to make them the power and grandeur of oak. No head should be without a crown!

Singing in Jani is called hiring, singing – hiring and hiring. Hiring in every home tends to begin when dinner is eaten, and continues throughout the night until the sun goes down, whether it is in the Midsummer fire or the contractors go from house to house, where they are housed, with cheese, beer, and others. It is an interesting tradition to neutralize the neighbors with the summer – this is considered a blessing.

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At the same time as the summer Solstice fire, as well as at home, they sang to each other. This kind of singing in John is called distortion. Historically, in these times, the servants swear by their masters, masters, bakers and vice versa, as well as daughters and daughters.

Lying on the summer day is associated with fertility promotion and disaster prevention. The rabbit must run so that the worm does not grow in the field, so that the flax grows too much and does not match the ridge. The sons of the summer solstice watched the fields, the house, the owners, the daughters, and the children. So, in order not to fall asleep, everyone tried to do their work in advance, so that everything would be in perfect order for Johns.

Rituals of fire and water

Around midnight, a farewell card wrapped a strand of oak leaf. This ritual means John. Traditionally, this means avoiding disasters. Because the card is longer and the fire burns higher, the larger the area is lit by the flame of St. John. Thus, rural land also benefits from better fertility.

Then place the fire – the wheel is wrapped with straw, spilled or covered with a burning substance, and in the black night, around two, is lit and rolled out of the hill. This ritual means fertilization and blessing of the earth. At the same time, it also means that the sun goes down or the daylight gets shorter by the day.

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In the past, the horse's wheel was used to make this wheel. Nowadays, however, this type of cart is in deficit, so it is mainly used by the old wheels of the cutter or some other. The key is that they are heavy enough. Most importantly, the wheel scrolls to the top of the hill, even with several roller races.

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After burning bonfires, make rafts and go swimming. The rafts are made of small wooden hangers. On the ferry should be placed several burning scales, sometimes also for a better appearance of summer crowns. This ritual is usually done late at night and increases the beauty and health of a person.

Beliefs and Latvian songs also tell us not to sleep on the shortest night of the year – those who sleep on summer night sleep year-round. Similarly, while they sleep on summer night, the boys may not be with their wife and their new daughters – the husband. Staying awake is also known as a means of fixing mosquitoes – who do not want their mosquitoes to bite them, they can not go to bed at Midsummer Night.

Looking to the future

For the fortune of the future, John received great importance as a magic of time. The magic of love, which is primarily associated with marriage, is special. The future destination of the wedding can be predicted after the dreams of the summer night, the crown and the water of the lake.

Beliefs say that if Solstice night was watching on the lake, then, in the lake water, she could see a grimace. On the night of the summer solstice, small daughters have to sneak through the crossword of nine class flowers and go to bed with that crown. Whoever removes the crown in dreams will marry. In turn, to find out how many years to wait for weddings, single girls in the oak crown of summer at midnight – how many times the crown will fall to the ground, so long to wait.

But throwing the garlands in the water, he lived for a lifetime – if the crown did not collapse, it meant he would live for at least a year.

Toys for the shortest night of the year

Sun and moon

(Toy to start)

Neguli, the sun, in the apple garden!

One month left for a search.

Be up, running, sun, the moon drives!

Soon the sun is in the hands of the month.

Contractors create a garden. Daughter (sun) and face (moon) are outside the garden. By singing the first two articles, the contractors circulate. The sun and moon go in the opposite direction of the garden. With the words "Be, Be", the contractors stop. The moon picks up the sun, which runs smoothly around the garden. The third article is repeated until Saul is caught and then sings the fourth article. During this time, both hands in the middle slowly turn to one side and the other. In the end, the Sun and the Moon choose their substitutes, or – the Sun for the next month and vice versa.

João Grande, Joãozinho!

(Toy fern for flower research)

1. The Great John on the Road Coats His Sickle, "2x

Trin, John, Trin, Janit, Trin, Janit, Scarecrow! 2 x (or more)

2. If you do not work well, the sickle does not cry!

Trin, John, Trin, Janit, Trin, Janit, Scarecrow!

3. Johnny makes his tent on the slope.

John, John, Yes, Awakening, Stop!

4. If you do not do well, the stake will not ring!

John, John, Yes, Awakening, Stop!

5. The girl, the elephant, holds John!

There, daughter, there daughter, there, John, stopping!

6. If you do not hold it tight, the pillow will not ring!

There, daughter, there daughter, there, John, stopping!

The toy is played in two roughly identical gardens, one inside and the other outside. Usually there are boys, the other – daughters. Singing the first half of the article, the outside goes to the right, the inside to the left, and that direction remains for all playing time regardless of whether the toys are outside or inside. Singing the second part, one of the inner gardens (the one that will be a "pygmy" for each circle, in the conversation above) divides the outer circle and withdraws it. The one with the left hand cutting the outer circle is brought. In each article, the middle garden communicates with the outside. The one who drives must go slower, while the one who leaves must be rushed. The change occurs in the second part of the article, and if you can not change, the second half of the article is sung again.


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