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Heating rates in Riga will increase significantly

In the next heating season, the price of heat will increase in the capital. The company "Rīgas siltums" planned to raise tariffs by about 12%. The increase in prices was caused by the increase in the price of natural gas. The company believes that it is the opening of the gas market.

The new tariff calculations have already been submitted to the Public Services Commission for the evaluation of "Rīgas siltums", and if the green light is given, the changes will take effect in the autumn with the resumption of the heating season.

The management of "Rīgas siltuma" emphasizes that the tariff currently in force has not been changed for six years – since July 2013. This is a step that must be taken because of the increase in natural gas prices, which has led to higher costs heating. The company blames the opening of the gas market.

"The price of natural gas did not change for nine months, but as soon as we started to buy natural gas in the market, the price of gas started to rise and the price of natural gas increased 35% at the time of the presentation of tariffs," says Biruta Kruza , member of the Board of Rīgas siltuma.

The price of wood chips and the price of purchased heat have also increased recently. "Rīgas siltuma" emphasizes that, after rising tariffs, compared to other cities, the heating price in Riga will be one of the lowest.

At the same time, climate fluctuations have increased in recent years – winter is no longer predictable. "There were predictions that this will be a rigorous winter, we are buying gas, we stayed in Inčukalns, but in general, this heating season was one of the hottest in the history of Riga Heat," said Normunds Talcis, chairman of the Council of Rīgas siltuma .

It should be noted, however, that after the tariff adjustment the price of heat in the capital will still be lower than in 2015, when gas prices reached a record. Meanwhile, residents' heating debts "Riga's Heat" currently exceed 15 million euros.

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