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The Latvian fighter entitled Anastasia Grigoryeva is keen to become a world champion and Olympic medalist in the future after the birth of a child.

On November 6, Grigorieva and her husband Imants Lagodski became parents when their first child, Alan, came into the world. Before the baby's birth, the wrestler predicted that the sport would return to the qualifying period for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, which will begin next week in Romania, the next European Championship.

Grigorieva's current sense of well-being was described as excellent by the LETA. "I feel very good at the moment, I'm doing everything with the little one." The feeling is great because, thanks to the Olympic Committee of Latvia (LOK) and the Daugavpils Olympic Center, it is possible to take the baby everywhere. train and be together small, "pleased to recognize the athlete.

She also did not deny that daily life changed drastically after the birth of a child.

"Of course, no mother will say it is easy, but it is a very nice concern.After the birth of the child, everyday life has become different.If you arrange the time when the baby has to sleep and when he is awake during training, no problem. "28. Grigorieva, one year old, said that everything was based on planning time and work.

Grigorieva did not hide the fact that it has not yet been possible to achieve such a physical form that can be said to be fully prepared for the race. "As it was difficult to regain the original physical form, I can only say in September, because the way I had before giving birth is still a long way off."

"After giving birth, I started running fast, doing some physical activity. At that moment, I seemed to be ready to fight after a month but in reality after my first serious workout I told the coach that I could only feel like before at the world championship in September. " "He found a wrestler who added that it would not be easy – to get back to the level before the child's birth, but she's determined to do it.

Future goals for the titled Latvian athlete are clear and specific: "Before giving birth I said that I remain in the sport just to get the title of world champion and win the Olympic medal."

"The fact that I'm about to go to the European Championship is just a necessity, I did not want to go, but if I did not start in Europe, I would not be able to participate in the World Championships," said Grigorieva. "We are going to fly with a girlfriend and a baby.I'm still breastfeeding my baby so there are many complications.There are still many sleepless nights, lack of sleep, so there is nothing to be prepared for the European Championship."

The main Latvian fighter indicated that qualifying for the Tokyo Olympics would certainly not be easy. "The competition is very fierce now, because only six people in each category are selected from the world team, so if there is a goal to start in the Olympics, the championships will have to fight for medals."

Grigorieva's total enthusiasm indicated that he would not end his career until he reached his goals.

"Even before my first games in London, I think they will be the last. It all depends on health, but I do not intend to finish my career after Tokyo," said the athlete.

Grigoryeva is aware that every year new competitors enter the competition and may be superior in age.

"As I am going to fight the medal in the Olympic Games, I will not withdraw. If necessary, I will also prepare for the Paris Games and the next," he concluded. Grigorieva.

The Latvian wrestler's many successful collections include two bronze medals in the world championship as well as four European Champion titles, twice in the Old Continental Championship and once in third.

In the 2016 Olympic Games, Rio de Janeiro won the eighth position in the weight category, up to 63 kilos, while in 2012, Grigoryeva was 9th in the same weight category.


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