Green Party Congress calls for resignation of Minister Juris Pūce / Article / LSM.LV


The 30th Latvian Green Party Congress was on Saturday. Edgars Tavars, former Chairman of the Board, has been re-elected Chairman of the Board, but Board members have not yet been elected.

Throughout the day, Tavars urged political forces to return to the principle of "landowners in their own country," because at the time ZZS led the government was not visible. The Green Party of Latvia decided in its Congress to express a categorical rejection of the ongoing administrative-territorial reform. And, as Edgars Tavars told Latvian Radio, the party demanded that the Minister of Environmental Protection and Regional Development Yuri Púce ("Development / Pará!") Resign.

Tavars: Latvian Green Party Congress will call for demanding owl dismissalShe Semjonova

"Thank you to the delegates who have found the opportunity to attend the 30th Congress of the Latvian Academy of Sciences on Easter Sunday during Easter. Thank you delegates for giving me the opportunity to continue leading the Green Party of Latvia. Two of the three board members have been re-elected for the time being. The second round of council members is currently in the process of voting, "said Tavars.

"We also plan to adopt several resolutions. We have already adopted one of the administrative-territorial reforms. We do not strongly support this reform sought by Juris Pūce. The Latvian Green Party Congress calls for the resignation of Juris Pūce. Congress is not over yet. We still have several items on the agenda, including resolutions, especially on environmental issues, "said Tavars.


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