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The new arrest came at a time when the Tokyo Prosecutor's Office was considering the possibility of Gosnam's new indictment, which would be his fourth case.

As reported, Gosn, 65, has left the Tokyo jail since Nov. 19 after paying one billion yen ($ 7.8 million) in cash.

Prosecutors arrived Thursday morning at Gosna's temporary home in central Tokyo, and then Gosns got in the car with them and left.

Prosecutors say Gosn was detained in connection with Nissan's transfer of funds of $ 15 million between the end of 2015 and mid-2018. Prosecutors suspect that $ 5 million of these funds were used by Gosn for personal expenses .

"The suspect had a duty to supervise all of Nissan's actions and to faithfully fulfill those duties so as not to cause Nissan's losses, but he violated those obligations to benefit," the prosecutors point out.

Prosecutors may detain Gosnu for up to 22 days during the investigation.

Gosna's representatives, after his arrest, made a statement in his name, calling it "awful and arbitrary."

"It's part of another attempt by some Nissan guys to shut me up by deceiving the prosecutors." "Why am I not detained-even if it's to try and get me down?" "I will not break," Gosn said, insisting he was not to blame.

On Wednesday, media reported that prosecutors are considering holding Gosn, investigating Nissan's transfer of funds charges of at least $ 32 billion to Oman. It is believed that some of that money was used to buy a luxury boat for Gosnam and his family.

Gosns announced on Wednesday that he would hold a press conference next week to plan the truth about what happened.

"I'm going to tell the truth about everything that's going on. The press conference will be held on Thursday, April 11," wrote Gosns in his recent account of Titus.

Gosnam, after being released from security, was subject to strict restrictions on movement and communication, as well as a ban on contacting Nissan drivers and others related to his charges.


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