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In the Latvian team Skopji went with a tour of Riga, spending about two and a half hours on the way. Kaspars Gorkz, president of LFF, also flew with the team to the north of Macedonia. Before the first training session of national unity in an informal conversation with journalists, he spoke very well to the football base in Skopje.

For the Latvian team, the training took place in the afternoon, but the quality of the three football fields, the locker rooms and the soccer board did not interfere. Of course Latvians should only fight for this.

Interestingly, the new head coach, Slaviša Stojanovičs, did not reveal to the sample and the LFF staff how long the training should be. The media representatives could only watch the first 15 minutes, then everyone had to leave the technical area of ​​the square. It is understood that all the training took place under intense work and with great enthusiasm. Denis Rakels had a difficult time in the drenched field – his trademark technique was not in sight today. Later, he continued the lesson, saying that all was well with health.

The training lasted more than an hour, after which TVNET was invited to 18-year-old debusstor Krister Tober.

"From the very first practice, I realized that I had to focus on work all the time, everything happens very fast here, the coach is still getting to know the team, not so long ago." Emphasis on ball control and tactics, "said the soccer. "I've been on this base before with the Latvian U19 team, very good natural lawn, but now we have all the conditions to prepare well for Thursday's game."

The debutant Tober is aided by a friend and teammate "Liepāja" in the team of Jānis Ikaunieks. Tobers emphasizes that in a different situation, knowing that no one would take longer.

In turn, Ikaunieks, in a small talk with TVNET, devoted many words to Tober.

"He is definitely more balanced and more confident than I was when I was 18. I could also" run through the air. "Tobers is a real professional, I have not seen him in any footballer," Ikaunieks said. "He likes to read and educate – how a football player should behave, how to take care of his body. He is always with him [atsildīšanās vingrinājumos nepieciešamie] rolls, recovery drinks. For Christ, football is a job he loves, so he's making progress. "

The Latvian and Northern Macedonia football matches for ETC 2020 will be held on Thursday. This game will feature the debut of new head coach Slaviš Stojanovičs in the Latvian midfielder.


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