Former Nissan chief / Article / LSM.LV arrested in Tokyo again


Karl Goshn, former chairman of Nissan Motor's Japanese automotive company, was again detained in Tokyo. The City Attorney is considering the possibility of Gosnam's fourth charge of misappropriation of a company.

The media reported by prosecutors are investigating new charges under Nissan's $ 32 billion, some of which could be used for the private needs of Gosna and his family.

Now, prosecutors can detain Gosnu for up to 22 days.

Gosn was first detained in November last year, but after paying a billion in security in March, he left the Tokyo jail. At that time he was arrested on charges of $ 15 million for transactions with Nissan between 2015 and 2018. Prosecutors suspected that $ 5 million of these funds were used by Gosn for personal expenses.

Meanwhile, Gosns will hold a press conference next week to announce his version of what happened.


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