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First post-season transition Vysliga – Svarup returns to "Ventspils" – Football –

Kaspars Svārups, 24, the center striker, represented the colors "Spartak" of Jurmala, having played 23 matches in the national championship pairs of Latvia, where the striker started with four goals scored. Similarly, in the attacker's report, there is only one goal in the Latvian Cup in the fight against the second league team. For Svärupam, this will be the return to the "Ventspils" system, in which the footballer has been in 2011. Several times Svaras was rented to other teams in Latvia, Russia and Poland. Before joining the squad, Svarup was also registered for the Norwegian club.

In the Latvian championship, the 191 cm striker survived a total of 103 games and scored 12 goals. On the other hand, in the yellow-blue race, Svarup played 52 games and scored 7 goals.

Director of Sports of the FK "Ventspils" Andreja Butrika We are happy to return to Kaspars in Ventspils, let's say, we have a lot of things to do. we have learned that Kasparam is a good place to learn and to learn where to find the best, where it is most promising, and where everything is for professional growth and victories.There is no doubt that the potential Kasparam is solid and when it comes time to understand it, it is now important that the attacker has gained more experience and was wonderful to understand. When he returns, the competition will increase in the attack, since once we needed a burglar of such a plan, and it is twice important that this is a new Latvian striker who is ready to make a serious announcement.I want success and faith to Kasparam.He had many good games! "Ventspils. "He also had some difficult periods in Ventspils, but now a new phase is emerging, when it is necessary to show that the emergence of a new level is completely realistic and possible.

From the FK field "Ventspils" during the last season, questions about the market of local players have been heard. The team bought a large number of legionaries, but due to the quota of a foreigner, enough had to rely on local players with limited participation in the team. Apparently, therefore, the people of Ventspils began to think about selecting local players for a while.

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