Fires in California descend from the home of Miley Cyrus, Gerard Batler and Robin Tic


Singer Miley Cyrus, actor Gerard Batler and singer Robin Will will be among the public's acquaintances whose homes have been damaged or completely destroyed by fires in California's wildlife.

The singer Miley Sairus has shown on social networks that she feels "ruined". His house in Malibu is devastated by the fire, recorded as the most devastating history in the state of California.

"I am one of the lucky ones," writes Sairus. "My animals and the love of my life have gone healthy and healthy, and that is the most important moment."

"My house is gone, but the memories we share with family and friends are still with us. I am grateful for all that remains."

"Send lots of love and gratitude to the fire brigade and the Los Angeles Police Department."

In the next post on social networks, Miley Sairus shared information on how to donate funds to various organizations that now help the victims of the fires and their families.

Actor Gerard Batler also divides the social network with an image of what is left of his house and machine after the fire was overthrown.

"I returned to my home in Malibu after the evacuation," the actor writes. "California is now a heartbreaking moment."

"As always, inspired by the courage, energy and sacrifice of firefighters," says Batlers.

Singer Robina Tika's spokeswoman also confirmed that the musician's home had been completely damaged.

41, Will says in his Instagram profile that he, his girlfriend and the two children are "healthy and healthy, surrounded by family and friends." The musician also expressed his gratitude to the fire brigade. "When we went to a safer place, they risked lives to save our house," the altruistic firemen praise the musician.

Orlando Blum and Alice Milano, as well as singer Lady Gaga, were forced to flee their homes as a result of the fire.

An extravagant musician in Lady Gaga's social network writes that to think of all those affected by this devastating fire disgrace that has not tarnished either the home or the lives of people.

Authorities confirmed 31 dead on Sunday.

"Like many of you, I'm wondering if my house is going to catch fire," said Lady Gaga on social networks. "The only thing we can do is pray together and one another. May God bless you."

The real-life star of the show, Caitlin Janeer, has shown that her home was not hit by a fire.

"My house is lucky!" Jenere says in a video message, realizing that the land adjacent to the building is on fire.

"Malibu was a disastrous time here," adds Jenere. "The mountains are burned, I'd say it's done … we're very, very lucky."

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