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The multimedia dance show "Both Sides" is one of the measures of culmination in the Latvian century – the play is to be seen on the 17th, 18th and 19th of November. It is a performance with music, dance and contemporary technology, and tells the story of Latvia, all ours. Each visual element of a multimedia dance performance – choreography, set design, light mode, television camera work and video projection – is created as a whole.

"It's not a history lesson, but a personal experience and the opportunity to be a significant part of the show" Both Sides, ""

your design is featured by the creative design team.

The viewer will be able to take advantage of the spatial illusion that will help create a specially designed 2,000 square foot art projection scene.

Press conference with the team building the performance "Abas Malas"

PHOTO: Zane Bitere / LETA

In total, the number of professional dancers in Latvia on a stage will take place at the show – more than 500 artists representing a variety of dance genres: professional ballet, professional contemporary dance, folk dance and modern dance – from hip hop to sports dances.

In total, the "Arena Riga" highway will be open to more than 21,000 spectators and will be on Latvian television on 24 November.

Photo: press conference with creative team of performance "Both sides".

What does the creative team say?

"I wish we were" one and another, "as Rainy said -" my brothers and sisters. "This story is about us," says Juris Jonelis, director and artistic director of dance production.

"The story of the Madara girl, who arrives at her birthday in the past – at the time of Latvia's birth. She goes through all the events in Latvia, and in the end she realizes that she loves her homeland and understands the difficulties people have experienced so we can have that freedom.That's why it seems to me that the Abas Malas project will address not only the older generation but the younger generation, "says ballet choreographer Raimonds Martinov.

"In principle, it's like a theater show, but without the text – the viewer already understands the story he sees on the level of feelings. This is something that has never been in Latvia – through dance, through the movement we tell events, respectively, the history of Latvia, "says Liene Grave, contemporary and contemporary dance choreographer.

"This is a major challenge for me.I think in Latvia this is an unprecedented project.It is precisely because, on such a large scale, it is necessary to compile the three dance arts together, so that they do not look like separate pieces, but as a "says Dace Advilla, a folk dance choreographer.

The story before the show is the history of Latvia in our own people

Until the culmination of the project – the multimedia dance show "Riga Arena" on November 18, the series of humanist stories "Both sides" was also created. The creative team researched, approached and immortalized the brightest memories in every decade of Latvia. Among humans who have published the "two sides" over time Facebook The account and the site will include the memories of the younger daughter of the commander Raimond Bebra, Olita (Jausma) Abram, when he lives in the presidential palace, and of the narration of Ako Karl Cekula, member of the member Helsinki 86, Laura Cecula on the time of changes and others.

Ticket purchase and prices

The multimedia dance show at the Riga Arena will be held on November 18 and 19, and viewers will also be invited to participate in a grand trial with the public on November 17th. Ticket organizers are calling to buy early Ticket Office Boxes Tickets are available in four price groups – 8, 18, 28 and 38 euros, while tickets for the general trial cost from five to 28 euros.

Applicable discounts:

Large families with certificate – 10% discount.

For pensioners, when submitting a certificate – a 10% discount.

Persons with disabilities, group I, II or III, with disability certificate – 10% discount

Politically repressed people who have a politically repressed identity card – a 10%

For groups that purchase more than ten tickets, a 10% discount is applied to the 11th ticket.

For groups that buy more than 30 tickets, a discount of 20% is applied to 31 tickets.


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