Festival of Salacgriva / Article / LSM.lv will be held in Salacgriva


Salacgriva will host the Fourth Baltic Sea Region Festival. The event will be presented by a metal band, choir and participants. Later, the sprinkling of herring will begin, and the wives of Salacgriva will share their stories of herring.

Traditionally, for the second year, the "Bodybuilding Race" will happen, lifting weights, pulling ropes, tying knots and doing standalone work that will feed herring breeds.

The author of the festival idea is Dzintris KolātsSintija Ambote

"The accolades say the festival is dedicated to the glorification of herring – herring fishermen and herring eaters. This is, of course, from an emotional point of view.

But the festival's mission is regional economic and social excitement. Make people aware of themselves, create new products to work as small entrepreneurs.

To leave them well on this side, and for those who come, would be interesting. The main nodal points of the herring festival are the family competition for herring cuisine. This time it is written in the statute that it must be warm. Then there is a large sector for the children, where they can live with their parents and separately. Since herring is not a sign of the metaphor of the past, but the past is today, this Saturday and the future, "said the author of the idea of ​​the festival, Dzintris Kolat.

He said that the number of people and the number of marketers who apply grows every year.


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