Elita Patmalniece: If it's a full ass, then it is, and I can say it – Celebrities – Apollo.lv – Entertainment


"My daring is to put on a shiny dress." Also tell me what I mean. "Once on a school question, colleagues wrote about me:" Nice, cheerful and chatty. "Yeah, maybe I talk too much, sometimes I get a dark mood, and that happens But if it's a full ass, then it is, and I can tell you. Things have to be called in the real name," said the artist.

Patmalniece also admitted that her greatest gift is artistic.

"The fact that I can inspire someone with art and joy seems like a gift. If I had a family, children, I might not be able to do everything.

Art is my way of creation. Another is to raise children again, and that is the creation of it.

Everyone has it. But even when I feel that everything is wrong, the morning comes again, you get up, the sun shines in the window and you wait the moment you can have breakfast, take a newspaper or magazine from the mailbox and get into your daily routine . Lucky to be able to move, it takes. Because there are no such accidents for people … I also like everyday life – because you know people, talk to them, choose a new fabric, buy new colors to paint, "the artist shared his thoughts.


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