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Easy Language News October 26 / Article /

Easy language news on October 26th.

"Concord" Congress Results Reduce Party Threat

Easy language news on October 26thAgnes Vasermane

The results of the Harmony Party Congress reduce the threat of divisions within the Party, says Ojārs Skudra, a political scientist and doctor of history, as he assessed the course of Congress on political force that took place today.

He explains that to reduce the threat of divisions, a decision was made to restructure the party council with five new deputy leaders, Janis Urbanovich.

According to the expert, increasing the number of deputies may indicate hopes of party leadership to expand the scope of organizational work to political power.

Rēzekne Mayor Aleksandrs Bartaševičs and Daugavpils Mayor Andrejs Elksniņš, becoming deputy to Urbanovičs, also serving on the party council, Skudra believes, will strengthen Latgale's party representation and try to reduce the notion that "Harmony" is the Riga party.

According to the political scientist, it would also be important to understand the correlation between the election outcome and the ethnicity of the congressmen and the region they represent.

Janis Urbanovičs, leader of the Saeima faction, became chairman of the "Harmony" council at the party congress. Former party leader Nils Ushakov was elected leader of the party council.

A demonstration for Catalonia's independence was held today in Barcelona

The protests in Barcelona and other Catalan cities began following a decision by the Spanish Supreme Court to convict nine separatist leaders to prison for holding a Catalan independence referendum two years ago.

Latvia is moving to winter

Tonight, Latvia, along with the rest of the European Union bloc, moves into winter.

This means that at 4:00 pm the canopy should be cut in one hour.

This arrangement is the same for all countries in the bloc, ie all countries move to daylight savings time in March and winter to October.

The European Commission conducted a survey of European citizens this summer and found that most would like to opt out of changing the clock twice a year. Discussions on this matter have not yet been resolved, so the time change has not yet been canceled.

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