Ditton, involved in the EU funds scandal, is an important employer in Daugavpils / Day


The president of the council argued that the municipality had no information at the time Ditton because group management was unable to communicate. Similarly, lawmakers have not informed the local government about their agenda.

However, the municipality took the initiative by contacting the State Employment Agency (SEA) about the possibility of dismissal of the employees of the holding company and the AS. Citadel, which credits a group of companies so that the bank does not make sudden movements as much as possible, which could adversely affect Ditton. The information available to the municipality shows that Ditton employs about 300 people, most of whom work for AS Ditton Drive Chain Factory.

"Holdings is an important employer for the county. All the workplaces they have created are important to us and we are interested in continuing to work in the city.

AS Ditton Drive Chain Factory Boriss Matveyev, Chairman of the Latvian Television Council Panorama confirmed that a search was carried out in the company, noting that "the project is not ours, it is our tenant's project". In the search, documents related to the specific EU project were removed. He also emphasized that the company and the tenants continue to work. At the same time, he did not comment on the status of the case.

According to information available to many Latvian television Groups of Ditton companies involved in criminal proceedings Ditton Chain and Holding dittonwhich are now renamed and one more with Ditton Chain and several other chain companies in a registered company address Latgale Invest Holding, which has already been eliminated.

You have already State Police (VP) arrested five people on Tuesday about suspected fraud of about four million euros of EU funds.

Police said Tuesday that a number of searches were carried out at various locations on Latvian territory in criminal proceedings against possible fraudulent activities to unjustifiably receive funds from the EU Regional Development Fund, using the opportunities offered by the Investment and Development (LIAA) as well as the proceeds of crime. legalization.

The LP did not reveal the identity of those detained. Portal grani.lv writes that among the detainees is Vladislavs Drīksne, businessman from Daugavpils, whose place of residence was searched in Daugavpils.

Firmas.lv The information shows that he owns several companies. He is one of the owners of AS Ditton Drive Chain Factory. He also owns a company Ditton House.

To LETA's question whether LIDA can confirm that the criminal case initiated by the State Police in accordance with LIDA's request for fraud of more than four million euros of EU funds is related to the Daugavpils SIA. Ditton Chain For the projects implemented, LIDA director Andris Ozols stated that "LIDA has provided detailed information to law enforcement institutions and cooperates closely with them." Oz could not provide more detailed comments.

In turn, in an interview with Latvian television One for one Economy Minister Ralf Nemiro (KPV LV) has revealed that LIAA officials are involved in the case. The minister contacted the head of the LIAA on this topic and plans to meet him in the near future to talk about what happened and how the blame and responsibility are on this issue.

Those responsible have to face the consequences, the minister admitted. Asked if he was also talking about political consequences, Nemiro explained that a political decision could not be rushed. "We definitely want to understand the details of the case," he emphasized, adding that this event is new, so there is not much information to talk about political decisions.


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