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cancer ". Share your experience with disease detection and treatment / Article / LSM.LV

Every year, 11,000 people in Latvia learn about their diagnosis – cancer, many – too late. The Latvian Television News Service (LTV) and LSM.lv are launching a project called "Diagnosis – Cancer" and invite patients, family and friends to share their stories about the diagnosis and treatment of oncological diseases in the last two years. study and analyze what is not changed in the system and what needs to be done to improve it.

A so-called "green corridor" was introduced a few years ago, but has it been a powerful tool to reduce the incidence of cancer? Patients are still diagnosed with misdiagnoses, diagnostic equipment is often outdated or out of work, patients are palliative, and then after receiving help in another country, it is possible to reduce the tumor and prolong the person's life.

The aim of the project is to update existing problems in diagnosing and treating cancer diseases at the national level in order to obtain timely, modern and high quality treatment for cancer patients in Latvia.

From April 29 to May 17, journalists will await stories of experiences on cancer treatment and diagnostic processes in the past two years. You can send stories by email [email protected]and tell us calling 20553333 every day from 9am to 9pm.

Scientists are still trying to find out, but at the same time there is a part that has been researched and clarified. "There are countries where the system is trying to help people," said the researcher. promoter of the project, LTV journalist Guntis Bojars,

"With this project, we want to make sure that everything in Latvia that was invented and that we already know about cancer is fully utilized in the diagnosis and treatment of patients."

"We focus on topics that are important to society as a whole – systems for children, administrative territorial reform, quality of education," explained Iveta Elksne, director of LTV News Service, "now we will devote our efforts to oncology. there are many problems in this area and they need to be addressed urgently by the state. "

The study period has already begun. Content on this topic in the content of LTV and LSM.lv – the opening, discussions and the strongest issues of journalists – will be heard in the fall. The project will address several topics: the responsibility of patients and physicians for timely and accurate diagnosis, technologies used in diagnosis, treatment methods used to treat the disease, medicines and their prices, treatment innovations, opportunities for international cooperation in diagnoses, treatment, financial and medical problems, psychological and others. support for patients and their families.

Journalist Odita Krenberg believes that one of the biggest problems in having so many problems in the diagnosis and treatment system is the lack of communication. "Compared to other countries, doctors in Latvia speak little to patients. This is, in my opinion, a problem for society as a whole – we do not have time to talk to each other. Loneliness as such is a big public problem and being alone when you are sick is even more terrible, "said Krenberg.

Anyone who has experience in diagnosing and treating oncological diseases is invited to share their story so that journalists can detect and explain system problems, and responsible authorities will see what they are and seek solutions as quickly as possible.

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