Canadian favorites in the World Hockey Championships will have to be without the title of Crosby / Article / LSM.LV


The Canadian hockey team in the world championship will have to be without the title of the rich Sidney Crosby, according to information from TSN. The Canadian decided to dedicate his free time to rest and complete the recovery.

In the first round of the Pittsburgh Penguin Stenley Cup, the Crosby National Hockey League (NHL) unit beat the New York Islanders in four games, allowing players to finish the season early and participate.

During the season, Crosby participated in 79 NHL games, winning 35 goals and giving 65 qualifying passes.

Meanwhile another Penguins player, Theodore Bluger, may join Latvia's national team next week.

The World Cup in Slovakia will start on May 10.

The Latvian national unity in Bratislava will meet with favorites from Austria, Switzerland, Italy, the Czech Republic, Russia, Sweden and Norway. After the Group Tournament, the four best national teams will continue in the Combat Tournament.


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