Canada's victory over Slovakia in the last second; Sweden crosses Norway – Hockey 2019 – – Sports


The Canadians in the subgroup A match in Kosice, with a score of 6: 5 (2: 2, 3: 2, 1: 1), defeated the Slovakian host.

In the first half of the first period, the Slovaks scored two goals in a minute, leaving Matsu Sukel and Adam Lash. The first goal was in a fierce battle against the enemy's fortress, while the second goal came to the goal after the Slovaks came out in a counterattack of four against two opponents.

In the second half of the third, the Canadians softened the score. First, a lightning strike struck Antoni Manta, but a few minutes later, Teodor stood out from the blue line. In the first five minutes of the second period, the champions returned to lead two puckers – Ladislav Naška and Liška left the front.

It is true that by the end of the third, Canadian hockey players had taken over. First of all, Jonathan Marshes stood out in the round, followed by Anthony Sirelli in the fight against the goal, and Troy Stečer scored with a flawless shot in the 17th minute.

At 12 minutes of the third period, the Slovaks were paralyzed – after Sukel's garbage, the disk hit the Canadian hockey skate and slid into the gate. However, the Canadians were able to withdraw. Less than a minute and a half before the end of the main time, the hockey team won a majority in which Stouns sent a second before the end of the final round.

It has already been reported that in this subgroup, in another dramatic match in the United States with 3: 2 (2: 1, 0: 1, 0: 0, 1: 0), had already beaten Finland.

In Group A, the leader with seven points is Finland with six points, followed by Germany and Canada, five points in the US and three points in Slovakia. There are two points in Denmark, one in France and the UK at the moment.

Meanwhile, Sweden B destroyed Norway in sub-group B in Bratislava with 9: 1 (3: 0, 5: 0, 1: 1).

For two Swedes, Patrick Hernquist and Alexander Wennber were booked with a single pass. In addition, Louis Eric, Oscar Lindblom, Adrian and Mario Kempe, as well as William Williams, who had four qualifying passes, also came to Norway.

Matīte Trēteness won the Norwegian goal.

It has already been reported that in this subgroup Russia with 3: 0 (1: 0, 1: 0, 1: 0) beat the Czech Republic.

In Group B, Russia have a maximum of nine points in three games, the Czech Republic, Switzerland and Sweden have six points, Latvia scored three points but Austria, Norway and Italy have no points.

The 16 teams of the tournament are divided into two groups, each with eight units, each of which guarantees seven games for each sub-race. After a group round of May 10 to May 21, each of the top four teams in each subgroup will continue to fight for medals in the quarterfinals, while the two weaker teams of the tournament will be forced to leave the first division .


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