"Bucks" recovering after the first fall, "Warriors" back to running "Rockets" (VIDEO)


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At the National Basketball Association (NBA), the conference semifinal was matched by the winner of the Milwaukee Main Bucks tournament, and defending champion Goldenstein's Warriors won the second victory.

Bucks beat the Boston Celtics on his field with 123: 102, going 1-1 in four of the series.

The game began similarly with two to seven points overwhelmingly counting the guests. In the second quarter, the initiative was taken over by the owners, who made a +4 with interval.

The third quarter, which Bucks won by 39:18, ended up being decisive, and the Celtics could not recover.

Jannis Adetokunbo, with 29 points and 10 rebounds, beat both wins, while Chris Midton and Eric Bled scored 28 and 21 respectively. Markus Moriss was the most successful loser with 17 points, but Cairy Erwing, who was the first in the series to play, made only 4 out of 18 litters out of the game (nine points total).

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Meanwhile, the Goldensteit's Warriors with 115: 109 defeated the Houston's Rockets, leading 2-0 in the lead.

The first few minutes of the first quarter were occupied by the home team, who won 14 points in the middle of the first quarter, while in the second only a few times the difference fell below 10 points.

A similar scenario continued in the second half, when Warriors led and no big questions emerged.

The Warriors' most successful player was Kevin Durant, who scored 29 points, but slightly less than Dreimond Green's triple-double – 15 points, 12 rebounds and seven passes. Stefan Carry 20 points, but Klein Tomson 21 points.

It should be noted that long distance specialists Warriors Carry and Tomson met six of 22 attempts, while Durant needed 22 (exactly nine) shots to get 29 points.

Meanwhile, in the ranks of the guests, James Harvard scored 29 points, with two players without double-double – Clock Chapel (p.14 and 10 b.) And Pierre Taker (13 p.m. and 10 p.m.).

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NBA Exit Games

Conference semifinals
Warriors of the Golden Horde (1) – Houston Rockets (4) 2-0
Portland Trail Blazers (3) – Denver Nuggets (2) 0-1

Milwaukee Bucks (1) – Boston Celtics (4) 1-1
76ers of Philadelphia (3) – Toronto Raptors (2) 1-1

First round

Warriors of the Golden Horde (1) – Los Angeles Clippers (8) 4-2
Houston Rockets (4) – Jazz Jazz (5) 4-1
Portland (3) – The Thunder in Oklahoma City (6) 4-1
Denver Nuggets (2) – San Antonio Spurs (7) 4-3

Milwaukee Bucks (1) – Detroit Pistons (8) 4-0
Boston Celtics (4) – Pacers Indians (5) 4-0
Philadelphia 76ers (3) – Brooklyn Networks (6) 4-1
Toronto's Raptors (2) – The Magic of Orlando (7) 4-1

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