Monday , April 19 2021

Award Ceremony of the State / Article / LSM.LV

Saturday, November 17, the State Superior Award Ceremony was held at the Riga Castle.

Latvia's largest state awards – the Order of the Three Stars, the Order of Viesturs and the Cross of Recognition – are one of the pages of our history in Latvia. From the time of its foundation to today, they are talking about people whose words and work for the benefit of the Latvian state are remembered and exalted and whose names, after receiving the state awards, are recorded in the history of Latvia.

Every honest man's job is a gift to his country and its future.

This time the Order's Capitol received the Order of Three Stars for the second-degree Archbishop of Rome, Metropolitan Zbignov Stankevich and the German Bundestag President Wolfgang Skaidel for their special merit for the benefit of the Latvian State.

The three-star Order III class was awarded to organist Iveta Apkalī, Latvia's ambassador to Sweden, Marģerim Kram, and Riga's executive director Jurim Radzevič.

In turn, journalist Gunārs Duis of the Latvian Television News Service (LTV) and LTV operator Aigars Kovalevsvim received the V-rating of the Order of Three Stars.

Awards are also given to many others.

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