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"Avalanche" managed to capture the lead of two goals (2: 0) in the 16 minutes of the first period. The tenth minute ended in 1: 0 using Flames' goalkeeper and the misunderstanding of goalkeeper Mike Smith, leaving Gabriels Landeskugs, while the overwhelming majority of guests with the double shot of Taison Berry, Miko Rantanens. It should be noted that the situation could have been very different if less than two minutes before the second goal of the loss of goals "Flames", Johnny Gudro, had been able to implement the bull. The first conference in the West, "Flames", was able to score a goal – the Canadian team managed six seconds before the first third of the end of the siren, with a big kick in the top corner of Türi Broudley – 1: 2.

After the first break, the "Flames" hockey players took a small initiative, but only the guests managed to score. The Calgary team on its own destroyed Colin Wilson, who scored a third in the third minute of the goal (3: 1) to make a mistake at home when they tried to attack. In the 15th minute, the Americans managed to make a 4: 1 in the cast of Nein Mackinone.

The fate of the Flame season has come to the end of the final period – the owners had to tag three unanswered gates to get at least one extension. The situation was even more unprecedented in a third-third introduction, in which Miko Rantanen, a numerical majority with the Taison Brye tricycle, hit 5: 1 in the corner of Smith's guarded gate. For the rest of the day, the owners failed to panic over the Flames team and win a series of denials that allowed Avalanche to take the game and the series to a convincing win. The German winner Philip Graybauer, who defeated 28 of the 29 opponents' lobes through his goal.

The Avalanche has entered the first round of the Stanley Cup since 2008. There avalanches Go try bury Las Vegas Golden Knights and San Jose Sharks. Currently in the series the result is 3-2 in favor of "Golden Knights".

Similar statistics at the gate as Gruber were also hacked by Frederick Andersen, a Danish goalie at Maple Leafs in Toronto who helped his unit win the second round of the "Blue Jackets" in Columbus. In the first three seasons of the Bruins this year, he had the chance to play in three consecutive numbers, but the home team failed to make any of them. Nevertheless, the fruit of the attack "Maple Leafs" did not produce fruits, reason why the scoreboard was not revealed in the first 40 minutes.

In the third third of the third minute, Bruins won a silly rejection of a numerical violation, but Maple Leafs could not figure it out. The court guests were able to rehabilitate him – in just two minutes, Maple Leafs scored two goals. It would be absurd 12 minutes after a great Jake Mazin broke Oston Metric, while later the team led similarly after Swedish Andreas Jonson was doubled by Kasper Kapanen (2: 0).

At the end of the game, Bruins made every effort to make up for missing two goals in the short run, but it was a bit short since he only managed to stand out once. 44 seconds into the final round, with the advantage of the sixth player, a remarkable long pass to the second flop was made by Czech David Pasternac, his compatriot David Kreychi making 1: 2.

The sixth game of the series is scheduled to be held in Toronto on Sunday, April 21.

Stanley Cup, April 20

The game The result
Bruins – Maple Leafs 1: 2
Flames – Avalanche 1: 5

Eastern Conference

Teams First game Game 2 Game 3 Game 4 Fifth game Game 6 Game 7 Series
Lightning (1A) – Blue Coats (WC2) 3: 4 1: 5 1: 3 3: 7 0-4
Capitals (1M) – Hurricanes (WC1) 4: 2 4: 3 PL 0: 5 1: 2 2-2
Bruins (2A) – Maple Leafs (3A) 1: 4 4: 1 2: 3 6: 4 1: 2 2-3
Islanders (2M) – Penguins (3M) 4: 3 PL 3: 1 4: 1 3: 1 4-0

Western Conference

Teams First game Game 2 Game 3 Game 4 Fifth game Game 6 Game 7 Series
Flames (1P) – Avalanche (WC2) 4: 0 2: 3 PL 2: 6 2: 3 PL 1: 5 1-4
Predators (1C) – Stars (WC1) 2: 3 2: 1 PL 3: 2 1: 5 2-2
Jets (2C) – Blues (3C) 1: 2 3: 4 6: 3 2: 1 P 2: 3 2-3
Sharks (2P) – Golden Knights (3P) 5: 2 3: 5 3: 6 0: 5 5: 2 2-3

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