Are we going to pay the euro's crypt in the future? The conference will discuss virtual money


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Will we pay with the krypto-euro in the future, can the kryptovaluta and block chains help entrepreneurs win more and how "virtual money" is controlled?

In order to explain to the public how to earn secure income through the use of kryptovaluut, to work safely and what potential kryptovaluta and block chains can offer to businesses and the public, the conference economy kryptovaluta "Cryptovaluta and the blockade: where is the money?" It will be held in Riga.

During the economic crisis, the first decentralized cryptovalent bitcoin appeared in the world in 2009. As the value of the crypt book went up, it began to attract not only the stakeholders but also the financial controllers who alerted to the potential risks of the new currency.

The block, invented in 2008, serves as a public archive of all transactions already made. Cryptanalysis and block chains helped to realize several success stories and develop new business ideas; however, many companies lost all of their careless risk with the new currency.

The sudden rise in prices and the sharp drop in cryptoanalysis and block chains have attracted the media, but also banks and public authorities, asking who is responsible for the control of the digital currency and which will protect its users.

Experts from the Ministry of Economy, the Financial Market and Capital Markets Committee (FCMC), the Bank of Latvia, Riga Nasdaq, PricewaterhouseCoopers, PNB Bank, Exante and other organizations will share with the conference "Cryptovoltura and blockade: where is the money? " their view of how the world is changing, and why it is necessary to raise public awareness of block chains and distributed accounting technology.

The answers to the questions will also be sought – what is regulated by cryptovalent operations in Latvia, Europe and the world, what are the potential risks and how to protect themselves by working with cryptovalents and block strings, and whether we will use euro cryptography as a means payment during our lifetime?

Deniss Fiļipovs, head of the Bank of Latvia's Payment Systems Policy Department, says cryptoanalysis, more specifically called "cryptoscopy," and blocking technology has developed a completely new social model in which people rely on an unknown virtual currency .

This phenomenon gave the digital generation the resources to create and develop new business ideas and collaborative models.

While business and the public interest in cryptoanalysis and especially in blocking technology are only increasing, this creates new financial monitoring supervisors.

Experts at the conference will also outline their vision of how to create new kryptovalue-based business solutions and models, how the blocking initiative works in the energy sector, and how to ensure compliance with the GDPR.

Zanda Lazda, managing director of Capital Networks, said that this will be a major conference dedicated to the hot topic and the secrets of the financial sector theme.

Blockbusters and crypto-based have attracted thousands of people from the beginning and have also created a million-dollar success story from a simple hobby.

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"The purpose of this conference is to undo myths about cryptoanalysis and blocking, giving a broader view of the opportunities they offer," says Lazda.

The conference program and more information about the speakers are available on this website.

The event will take place on December 13 of this year in Riga, "Grand Poet Hotel", Raina Boulevard 5/6.

Kryptovaluty economic conference "Cryptovaluta and lock: where is the money?" It will be held in Riga.

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