Archbishop Hawk at Easter invites people to hold spiritual values ​​instead of material


Joy may indeed be obtained not by its propulsion, but by the goal of having a divine meaning on Sunday, the Archbishop of Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church, Janis Vanags, at the Easter Dome Church in Riga.

The clergyman pointed out that Easter was characterized by the resurrection of Jesus and the realization that often the difficult moments of people's daily lives are those that bring clarity to their lives. "Christ was not looking for joy, but for what matters. He accepted the mortality and tragedy of life because he saw the meaning," Vanag said.

As an example of looking at global events from the perspective of the resurrection, Vanag mentioned the burning of the Cathedral of Our Lady of Paris, which made people from all over the world understand the most important values.

"When the cathedral devoured the flame, where was God?" God was around.You saw people singing there and praying – many like never before? God was among them, with them and like never before.In a tragic moment they have become clearly readable, written all the time about the universe and existence with letters so large that we do not observe them daily: God is alive and right here, "the archbishop said.

It has already been reported that the Christian Church today celebrates Easter – the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

In the Gospels, it is said that on this day the wives arrived very early at the tomb of Christ and took the medicine of the anointing. But they found the tomb empty, without the body of Jesus in it. "When they did not know what to do, two men in bright clothes came to them, and when they were afraid to look down, they said," What are you looking for to live with the dead? He is not here, but he is resurrected, "writes Evangelist Luke.

In many Christian churches, the resurrection of Christ begins in the last hours of Saturday night, burning the Easter candle – the resurrected symbol of Christ – and all the lights of the temple, followed by the singing hallelujah and the organ that is silent on the quiet Sabbath and on Good Friday.

Readings on the resurrection of Jesus are read in the worship service, and all the temple bells are heard during the chanting "Glory to God in the highest." During worship, water is generally blessed and baptism promises to live a dignified Christian life and renewed faith in works.

On Sunday morning, in the Catholic Church, service begins with a solemn procession around the church, symbolizing the entrance into the new life brought by Jesus as the resurrection of the tomb. Until Pentecost, in a period of 50 days, the Church continues to rejoice in the resurrection of Christ, joyfully singing "Alelu, He is risen!"

The liturgical color used in the churches changes at Easter. While suffering, the church is dominated by the color violet, but from Easter to Pentecost, altarpieces, stoles and other liturgical items are mostly white.


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